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We have been leveraging Custella for our Field Service Management, and it has reduced manual reporting and the associated errors and delays. Previously, it took us a few days to gain visibility on jobs completed, however now we get real-time updates on the job completion which helps to keep our customers updated on the issues resolved immediately

Troy DiDomenico 

Health Operations Head, Hills Health Solutions Australia

Before using Custella, we used WhatsApp to communicate with our teams and this was not a very efficient system for a large company. Custella has helped Pekat Solar, for example, when we get a job order, we are able to trace and view the pending tasks for us to ensure we are able to complete them.


Previously, it took 4 hours to complete the job order but now it only takes 30 minutes to complete it. Once we get the notifications from our planners, we are able to dispatch our teams immediately.

Mr. Kamil 

Senior Supervisor, Pekat Solar

Pekat Solar

Custella is a powerful tool combining a field service management application and asset management into one platform. Our field teams traveling and working in remote locations are better equipped to plan, survey, maintain and install telco infrastructure. We benefit through the real-time status updates and reporting available readily on the web and the mobile app.


We can view the status of equipment being checked in and out, along with alerts for assets due for recalibration and recertification. This solves a very real problem since it is easy to overlook the little stickers on test equipment and forget that they may need recalibration before a job. Incorrect measurements can result in a very expensive, time-consuming redoing of the job. Custella also helps us maintain the training certification of all the staff through timely alerts.

Stephen Macpherson

Country Manager, Alan Dick Brunei

For some time now we've been contemplating trucks that either carry very little to no cargo. To meet our client's criteria of variable supply-demand, we've had several instances of trucks following their milk routes despite there being no demand. The consequence: we're being billed routinely for these empty trucks even when there is no demand. Alternatively, we have periods of ad-hoc, short notice demand but no trucks to fulfill these deliveries since they are out on their preassigned milk runs. These inefficacious circumstances led to us being penalized as per the service level agreement (SLA).


We've seen a strong potential in the use of Custella to maximize the efficiency of our milk-runs. With the use of Custella's fleet planning, there could be a significant reduction in the losses incurred by empty runs, and we can look towards improving our SLA performance by about 43%. All these factors tie-in notably contributing to increased savings

Jaffilous B. Janan 

Vice President, POS Malaysia

POS Malaysia
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