Frequently Asked Questions

Field Service

Will the system know if my technician is available or busy?

Yes, you can check the Technician availability under “My Staff Schedule”.

Will the admins/planners know if a technician is en-route to the customer's site?

Yes, the Admin will be able to gain visibility on this and view distance and time taken for travel once they have reached the destination.

Will I be able to track my technician's location?

We have a feature called “View Map” where it shows all technician's locations and where they are headed to.

Will I be breaching my field agent's privacy after work hours?

No, once the field agent has gone offline (e.g. after working hours/ on holidays), you will not be able to see their location. A reminder notification will be sent to the field agent to go Online based on the working hours set.

Field Sales

Can my Sales Agents collect payments through Custella?

Receive notification of pending payment for collection when you visit a customer and update payments collected e.g. through notes and proof of payment (photo capture of cheque) via Custella.

Transport Management

I want to keep track of my vehicle's telematics, can Custella do that for me?

If your vehicles have been installed with telematic devices; yes, depending on the capabilities of your device you should be able to push that data to Custella for viewing, analysis and reporting. Custella has open APIs to enable seamless flow and display of data.


I already have a system in my company, can Custella work with our existing system?

Yes, Custella can work with other systems as long as your system has an open API.

Can I customize reports?

Yes, the reports are customizable and can be edited to suit your preferences.

What devices can my field agents run Custella on?

They can use their Android or iOS mobile devices to download and install the Custella app.


What are your payment plans like?

We follow a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that involves annual subscription payments according to the number of licenses (e.g. technicians, managers/admin, vehicles) that you require.