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  • I already have a system in my company, can Custella work with our existing system?"
    Yes, Custella can work with other systems as long as your system has an open API.
  • Can I customize reports?
    Yes, the reports are customizable and can be edited to suit your preferences.
  • Can my field reps add information (Photo/Video) as a proof they have completed the job?
    Yes. There’s an attachment option where field reps are able to upload documentation (Photo, Video, & Docs) in the application itself.
  • Can I create custom roles/ authorities for me and my user?
    Yes, we have preset roles provided by Custella and Custom roles where you can edit and amend as per your operation.
  • Beside internal staff, is Custella able to update customers on the status of work?"
    Yes, through our open API integration we’re able to update customers via SMS notifications and/or customer portal integration if required.
  • How is Custella different from a HR tool?
    Custella not only helps you keep track of your team’s activity and progress but also gives you details with regards to your assets/inventory, as well as allows you to manage your customers such as through digitized service forms.
  • Does Custella work on all devices?
    Custella works both on the web for laptop/PCs (browser recommended is Chrome), and mobile app (Android & iOS).
  • Will Custella work if I’m operating in different countries?
    Custella is available in countries (that allows Google Play & iOS) with relevant map information. Internet connectivity and device location is required for different functions within the application.
  • Does Custella work on all app versions?
    Custella usually supports the latest Android/ iOS version and approximately 2 versions before that. Older version devices will be able to use the app however certain restrictions e.g. implemented by Google Play/ iOS may restrict usage of certain features (it may affect those users on Custella).
  • Can I share reports created with others in my company?
    Yes you can share reports you have created with other users on Custella or download/email it as a PDF/ Excel.
  • Can I control what each user can see and edit?
    Custella has a Hierarchy and Access control which admins can set up to determine the access and visibility of data for various users/teams.
  • How do we support users on Custella?
    It is usually a best practice recommendation to have designated users within the organization to be a main point of contact to support adoption of the application. However if a customer requires premium support from Custella, we will be able to provide a quotation for this.
  • Can my Sales Agents collect payments through Custella?
    Receive notification of pending payment for collection when you visit a customer and update payments collected e.g. through notes and proof of payment (photo capture of cheque) via Custella.
  • Can my field team members look for customers nearby their current location?
    Yes, they can look for customers within their defined radius either from their current location or a future visited location.
  • Will I be able to track my technician's location?
    We have a feature called “View Map” where it shows all technician's locations and where they are headed to.
  • Will the system know if my technician is available or busy?
    Yes, you can check the Technician availability under “My Staff Schedule”.
  • Will the admins/planners know if a technician is en-route to the customer's site?
    Yes, the Admin will be able to gain visibility on this and view distance and time taken for travel once they have reached the destination.
  • Will I be breaching my field agent's privacy after work hours?
    No, once the field agent has gone offline (e.g. after working hours/ on holidays), you will not be able to see their location. A reminder notification will be sent to the field agent to go Online based on the working hours set.
  • How do we notify the field team when a task has been assigned to them?
    Upon assignment of a task on Custella, the field rep will receive a notification on their mobile application with details of a task. Depending on the process of the company, the task can either be subject to be Accepted/ Declined or be auto accepted.
  • How do I assign the best field rep for a task?
    Custella factors several criteria such as availability, utilization, distance to travel, suitability for the task (e.g. skills/ teams assigned). Planners/ Supervisors however can override an assignment for a special situation where required.
  • I want to keep track of my vehicle's telematics, can Custella do that for me?"
    If your vehicles have been installed with telematic devices; yes, depending on the capabilities of your device you should be able to push that data to Custella for viewing, analysis and reporting. Custella has open APIs to enable seamless flow and display of data.
  • Is the system able to know if my vehicle/driver is available or busy?
    You can check the vehicle/driver's availability in “My Staff Schedule”.
  • Will I get the notification if the delivery is en route to the customer site?
    The supervisors/Managers will be able to check on their live location & status (provided that they are Online in the app). You will be able to see their journey details once they have completed it.
  • How do I assign the best driver/vehicle for a task?
    Custella factors several criteria such as availability, utilization/capacity, distance to travel, suitability for the task (e.g. driver skills). Planners/ Supervisors however can override an assignment for a special situation where required.
  • Will future task ETAs be updated if a current delivery is delayed?
    Yes the journey plan will be updated based on real-time progress.
  • Can Custella plan for multi-customer and multi delivery planning?
    Yes, Custella allows customers to review their delivery plans on Custella’s planning hub before deciding on the best dispatch plan factoring multiple pick-up and drop requirements.
  • Can we capture the service response of each field service and translate into KPI?
    We have a SLA feature where you can configure the SLA threshold based on customer, product, service and issue severity.
  • Is Custella able to manage parts/ items that are being used during the job?
    Yes, we have Inventory management features where it captures what parts go in and out of stores in real-time.
  • Can we have a different set of SLA for different customers/ products?
    Yes, you will be able to set up different SLA response, resolution times as well as other factors such as SLA timers.
  • Can we track our products using QR codes?
    Yes, Custella can help you keep track of your products and parts using generated QR codes for asset management.
  • Can Custella manage my preventive maintenance schedules for my team to avoid oversight in future visit creation?
    Yes you can set up for Custella to auto create future appointments/ jobs based on either a frequency (e.g. every 2 months) or based on the last visit e.g. 3 months since the last visit/ job completion.
  • We are facing revenue and cost leakages as we have no visibility on the location of our spare parts. How can Custella help?
    In addition to visibility where your parts are in, Custella provides an approval process to ensure accountability to company property.
  • What are your payment plans like?
    We follow a SaaS (Software as a Service) model that involves annual subscription payments according to the number of licenses (e.g. technicians, managers/admin, vehicles) that you require.
  • Can you do a demo for us and is it free?
    Yes, it is, just fill up our contact us form here. One of our team members/partners will contact you soonest after that to understand your requirements to arrange your free demo.
  • Is there a minimum number of licenses that an organization has to purchase?
    No. You will need access for the relevant users that you require tracking of their activities e.g. admin, planners, supervisors/managers and field reps/drivers.
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