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Field Service

Optimize the operational process of your assets, maintenance, inventory, service orders, and helpdesk in a single application.


Ease Of Planning

Utilize automation to intelligently allocate the right field agents to the relevant projects based on skill, location, and SLA regulations.

Proactive & Preventive

Utilize real-time data to organize jobs and set up predefined operational parameters, threshold values and configure workflows to trigger automated actions before things go wrong.

Real Time Reports

Improved insights on customers, teams and assets through real time reports and dashboards - no more weekends spent preparing reports for the bosses!

Manage Your Field Teams

Know what's going on, what needs to be done, and what's already completed. Monitor any order requests linked through your ERP/CRM systems and find the right agent according to location, availability, skill, and utilization.

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"Before using Custella, we used WhatsApp to communicate with our teams and this was not a very efficient system for a large company. Custella has helped Pekat Solar, for example, when we get a job order, we are able to trace and view the pending tasks for us to ensure we are able to complete them.

Previously, it took 4 hours to complete the job order but now it only takes 30 minutes to complete it. Once we get the notifications from our planners, we are able to dispatch our teams immediately."


Senior Supervisor

Field Agent Mobile Application.jpg

Field Agent Mobile

Optimize your route, check-in and check-out and follow checklists. Complete digital forms along with notes, attachments, photos, videos and e-signatures.

Field Sales Management

Generate sales orders on-the-go through the Custella mobile app and keep track of your customer payments and puchase histories.

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Omnichannel Customer Portal

With enquiries being received via various channels (and sometimes lost due to manual management), centralize these communications via the contact center solution so tasks flow seamlessly in and out of Custella.

Bill your customers accurately

All your data, parts, labor, mileage, services and hours available for billing in one place.

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Digital Signature & Forms

Tick off tasks in your checklists and forms, and get a digital sign-off from the customer.

Integrate with our open APIs

We address gaps in your mobile workforce and fleet operations by integrating to existing ERP, CRM, and Helpdesk systems such as  NetSuite,, and Zendesk. 


Other features that could benefit you

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