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Forms and Business Process Management

Provide customer support with specialized Helpdesk agent features built to work with your field teams.


Response Quality

Increased Response time & Improved Response Quality

Customer Satisfaction

Boost and Track Customer Satisfaction


Raise the ceiling of your internal communications

Service Checklist Forms.jpg

Service checklist forms

Save time, collect information efficently, and avoid overlooking protocols with checklists.

"Before using Custella, we used WhatsApp to communicate with our teams and this was not a very efficient system for a large company. Custella has helped Pekat Solar, for example, when we get a job order, we are able to trace and view the pending tasks for us to ensure we are able to complete them.

Previously, it took 4 hours to complete the job order but now it only takes 30 minutes to complete it. Once we get the notifications from our planners, we are able to dispatch our teams immediately."


Senior Supervisor

Criteria Triggered Service Order Generation

Auto-generate service orders and auto-assign tasks to relevant team members based on custom criteria from your checklist forms.

Criteria-Service Order.jpg

Teams/ Geo-fence/ service zone

Your teams and assets are tagged to geographically designated zones to optimize your planning and assignments

Custom validations and verification

Ensure your team follows your required business processes through role and team-based validation.

Custom Validation.jpg

Other features that could benefit you

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