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Helpdesk / Ticket Management

Provide customer support with specialized Helpdesk agent features built to work with your field teams.



Increased Response time & Improved Response Quality

Customer Satisfaction

Boost and Track Customer Satisfaction


Raise the ceiling of your internal communications

Ticketing / Case Managment

Keep a track of new, open, and closed service tickets and ensure nothing is missed or delayed.

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"Before using Custella, we used WhatsApp to communicate with our teams and this was not a very efficient system for a large company. Custella has helped Pekat Solar, for example, when we get a job order, we are able to trace and view the pending tasks for us to ensure we are able to complete them.

Previously, it took 4 hours to complete the job order but now it only takes 30 minutes to complete it. Once we get the notifications from our planners, we are able to dispatch our teams immediately."


Senior Supervisor

Priority SLA.jpg

SLA Management

Track, manage and be notified of SLA policies within tickets to ensure compliance and prioritization.

Activity & Conversations

Your field service management team can monitor customer history, conversation, complaints and requests.

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Ticket escalation

Escalate issues with ease within Custella with notifications to relevant stakeholders for quicker resolution times.

Intelligent notification updates

Real-time updates on all your tickets' activity, keeping you informed through email and push notifications

Intelligent Notification Update.jpg

CRM Integration

We address gaps in your mobile workforce and fleet operations by integrating to existing ERP, CRM, and Helpdesk systems such as  NetSuite,, and Zendesk. 

Other features that could benefit you

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