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Managing a Field Service Team? Empower our organizationwith Custella's Field Service Management application.

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Spare Part

Track your spare parts in your service orders. Know where your spare parts are as they are checked in and out by field agents and their usage.

Preventive Maintenance & IoT

Create your own schedule of preventive maintenance and set reminders and notifications, leveraging IoT, to auto-add spare parts to service orders. 

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Track movement of spare parts

Get notifications on when items are being checked out, and when they are returned back to their respective bin so nothing ever goes missing. Couple this with approval processes to ensure ownership and accountability is managed through the system

Track Your Repair & Breakdown History

​Take a historical look at a particular asset's breakdowns and prior repairs for analysis of the cost & efficiency of the asset.

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Forms and BPM

Digitize all your hard-copy forms to capture and compile your data with ease

BI and analytics

Visualize, analyze, be informed as you make key decisions using real-time data from Custella.

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