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10 Functions That Will Make You Forget Your Worries About SLAs

Executive using Custella, an SLA management tool for case management and to prevent and minimize SLA breaches

Disappointment At The Office?

Mr. Richard(pseudonym) is sitting in his office frustrated after getting a call from his client about their disappointment towards his company after an SLA (service level agreement) breach. Thoughts of how his company could have done things better for the clients are running through his mind as he prepares to give a firm talking-to to the key account manager who is in charge of handling the disappointed client. Upon the arrival of the KAM (Key Account Manager) to his office, controlling his urge to yell, he calmly asks the manager his reason for not being able to deliver the service in due time. The manager, equally disappointed, informs the business owner regarding his struggles with a very small team who have to take care of multiple other clients and that it is not sustainable to simply schedule your work on spreadsheets and email multiple colleagues working on multiple other projects. Listening to this, Mr. Richard empathized with the KAM. He wondered with the limited amount of resources that he has, what can be the best course of action to make the lives of his employees better which in turn will enhance customer experience? That is when a colleague of his advised him to opt for an SLA management tool - a one-stop solution for all case and task management.

Executive being notified by Custella app of time left to SLA breach and checking KPI

Took A 180° Turn

A service-level agreement (SLA) describes the level of service you expect from a businessperson, stating the KPI as well as remedies or penalties in case of failure to keep the promise. With an SLA Management tool in hand, you’ll be able to manage everything under a single umbrella. Our team reached out to a key business person of a tech-driven organization and this is what she had to say:

“Frankly, case management has always been the top of our priority but we are also bombarded by so many requests from our clients that we were struggling to keep pace with the agreed SLAs. The business analysts clearly showed the drop in revenue, increase in penalties and the marketing team informed us about the overall drop in our brand image. Things were looking grim until one of the co-founders decided to adopt an application for us to ease the SLA management process. Whether it’s inside the organization or outside, we are now sure to stay aligned with one another. It has been a massive turning point from that day onward.”

The 10 Wow Factors

Having a software for your SLA management will help your business in 10 ways:

  1. Ticket management made easy: Ticket creation could be done either directly from Custella or through our open APIs, it could flow in from an existing case management or CRM system you may have in place. Cases can also be triggered from submissions done from a customer portal access given to the end customer.

  2. Creation of Job Order from a Case: Create and complete Job Orders and Tasks relating to a case to allow teams to get signatures from the customer, upload photos, notes and parts utilized among others.

  3. Setup of multiple SLA packages based on your support package and task types: Some customers will get priorities more than the others based on their level of requirements from your company. Hence, you can categorize them as platinum, gold, and silver. Moreover, the type of task that you are requested to carry out will also be weighted based on how much time and effort needs to be put in from your end. You will be able to distinguish all this and communicate your SLA with your technicians and planners specifying what exactly needs to get done and at what particular time. This will keep them informed about the SLA and the chances of them breaching will be significantly reduced since all courses of action can be taken to mitigate risks of breaches with information in hand in real-time.

  4. Risk Reminder: Should you be nearing an SLA breach, an SLA Violation notification will be sent to your team from Custella before and after the breach takes place (based on notification alerts you have set e.g. 30 minutes ahead of response or resolution time). Again, this will reinforce the idea and allow for intervention to be done when a certain task has to be done in due time.

  5. Option to auto-close tickets with no activity after a defined duration: Having clutter on your dashboard is never a fun experience, is it? This is why you can opt to remove those tickets that you have not had activity in a certain amount of time according to your specifications.

  6. Option to set up your business hours: Perhaps the clients that you are working with have a certain time of the day when they need to get their work done. You can set up your own business hours based on the requirements and timezones of particular clients and however you deem fit with just a few clicks. For example, business hours based SLA compliance. Hence the SLA clock follows your working hours rather than hours in a day as well as does not account weekends among others.

  7. Categorize cases: To gain visibility of the problems that your team has to solve, your SLA management tool will enable you to differentiate based on categories of tickets, faults, and resolution types, just to name a few.

  8. Criteria for SLA timer kickstart (start, pause, and end): The SLA management app will keep the timer running based on the status of the task. For instance, if ticket status = in process, the timer starts but if the ticket status = needs review, the timer on SLA will pause.

  9. Option to add people to be notified when a case is created and upon closure: Keeping everyone aligned on the tasks at hand is one of the fundamental aspects of efficient teamwork. You will now be able to notify everyone regarding your work in real-time and skip wasting any time trying to update every relevant party one by one.

  10. Option to create SLA for Specific Customers: You value your customers. What better way to show it than to work as if you mean it? Opening SLAs for each customer will give you visibility of where you stand in fulfilling your promises to every individual who needs some sort of value from you.

Executive that uses Custella for case management is happy due to a significant reduction in Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches

In A Nutshell

Service level management applications such as Custella will enable you to achieve such feats without breaking a sweat. With more and more customers becoming happy through your service, your brand image and revenue will reach for the stars before you know it. So are you prepared to grab what’s best for you and your team?


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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