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17 FAQs Asked By Field Service Operators

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

Are You Optimized?

The fear of missing out is real and it is especially important when you are one of the key business personnel of a service provider. As companies enter the growth phase in this dynamic and competitive market, they encounter many more struggles. Technology is not the cornerstone for success for most businesses and the people and experts claim that it will continue to be so in the upcoming future. According to our team’s research, companies suffer the most due to all teams not being aligned on a common goal. So the idea is simple - do not miss anything going on in your company.

Easy for us to say? It’s also easy for you to do.

How? A field service management (FSM) app is here to save your day. Here is a list of commonly asked questions along with their answers.

Warehouse manager wishing they had Custella for virtual inventory management

The Most Common Questions We Hear

1. Can my customer service agents directly assign tasks to field service agents and vice-versa?

Ans: Yes. All the inbound requests from customers can be directly assigned to the agents whether they are in the office or out on the field.

2. Can the assigned individual update the ticket after completion of the service?

Ans: The person in charge can create and close tickets and fill in relevant information such as customer name, Ticket ID, Date and Time, Problem Description, machine code, dispatched technician name, case type, response time, and everything else that ensures complete transparency.

3. What happens in case the relevant stakeholders forget about tasks?

Ans: Tickets will be updated and visible to the users. The system will be able to notify users before, during, and after a particular job order. Notifications will be sent when a certain engineer is, let’s say, assigned to a technical issue. Push notifications will alert the technicians in case the case is unsolved on a frequency set e.g. 1 hour before an SLA is breached. The notifications can be viewed from the phone and via the web to the relevant supervisor. In a nutshell, a notification to all the relevant parties will be sent for every ticket raised.

4. How would I know if my field service agent is in the assigned location?

Ans: The site check-in and check-out system can only be done when a technician is in the assigned work location. The GPS tracker can update you regarding the worker’s whereabouts. Moreover, you will be able to get a digital signature from your technician to ensure proof of work by them.

5. What proof do we have that work is done?

Ans: The field agent will be able to take pictures and videos of the work done. This file will be uploaded to the FSM system and saved in cloud storage. The best part is that this evidence cannot be deleted by field reps so there is no scope of discrepancy. Further to that check-in to the designated location can be limited to a particular radius hence check-in can’t be done if you are not at the location.

6. How can I reduce downtime or delay during the escalation process?

Ans: They will be able to assign a suitable field rep. He/she will receive a notification on their mobile app and be able to Accept/ Decline a task assigned. If declined, the supervisor/planner will be able to reassign the task based on the next suitable rep for the relevant task. Custella can be configured to auto-assign tasks as well.

7. How will I be able to keep track of the units available in my inventory?

Ans: Your technicians can scan the barcode/ RFID via any hardware reader, phone, or tablet. The supervisors will digitally keep track of a list of items going in and out of your inventory in real-time.

8. Will I be able to monitor everything in real-time?

Ans: Yes. You will be able to get a clear view of the ticket status through the dashboard summary for better planning and execution.

9. How organized is the inventory tracking method?

Ans: The inventory tracking method is meant to be user-friendly; you can put tag numbers, repair date, condition of the unit, history, and so forth.

10. Can I align all my offices with the work through the system?

Ans: You can schedule weekly, monthly, yearly maintenance plans that will be notified to the relevant parties within the organization. You can manage the visibility of data and access controls easily via the admin setup. You can have high-level visibility for senior management on the various office progress as well as narrow down to individual office leadership who can only view their respective office team’s progress.

11. What if I have other systems and I want to integrate them with the new system?

Ans: Since the system has open APIs, you will be able to seamlessly integrate with various systems from other vendors. Our team will be happy to have a conversation with your system admin to walk through this process.

12. Is there a limit to the number of users?

Ans: There is no minimum or a maximum number of user limits. Based on your subscription count, you will be able to add the relevant count of users

13. How user-friendly is this software?

Ans: It is able to support various communications channels such as phone, SMS (through API integration), both app-based and web-based for mobile phones and tablets, and it is able to support cross-platforms like iOS, and Android. The application has been designed with the end-user in mind to simplify their journey of using the app on a daily basis and continues to be simplified based on feedback from our customers.

14. I have various machines with different requirements of scheduling which will be tedious for me to manually plan ahead? How can I simplify this process?

Ans: The system will allow you to set a frequency for major and minor service or checks based on the frequency required e.g. you could set service required every 3 months or 3 months after the last service for example. This way, the system worries about setting up the reminders necessary and you only need to think through the frequency in the initial stage of setup.

15. When following the protocols, my workers have to follow up on a lot of paperwork. Can this system help us with that too?

Ans: Of course. Users will be able to attach notes and other forms of writings that will take the load off of your admins. You will also be able to replace existing paper-based forms, and documents utilize the digitized fields on Custella.

16. How secure is the system?

Ans: We will be happy to run through some of the enterprise-grade servers and hosting providers that we leverage. We have chosen to partner with technologies leveraged by customers globally with equally high expectations of the safety and security of their data.

17. Can I get digital confirmation from our clients regarding work done?

Ans: Upon your field reps getting the signature from the end customer, a form with the signature, name, and ID will be generated. Subject to your processes, the field reps can directly email it to the relevant people or the supervisors/ planners in the office will be able to download the same form and send it as required.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you for any queries regarding your business.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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