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4 Smarter Ways to Manage Subcontractors with Facility Maintenance Software

How facility maintenance software can assist you in handling your subcontractors

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Each organization must have policies in place to deal with these elements, which all fall under the umbrella of facility management. Facilities management software is used by businesses to make all of these responsibilities simpler.

At some point in their careers, facility managers will probably need to hire an outside contractor. Engineering, welding, design, and electrical work are a few specialties that require temporary yet extremely trained labor. There are several things to take into account when dealing with an outside contractor to achieve the greatest amount of success.

I recently came to know about facility management software at my new job. Because we sometimes have to work with third-party service providers. We use Custella, for our facility maintenance which helps us by managing new work orders from an expanding operation as well as coordinating subcontractors.

Managing field service subcontractors using a basic Excel file is insufficient in 2018. The entire after-sales service procedure must be automated to guarantee excellent customer experience, which is the main objective of every field service organization. All stakeholders in the field service ecosystem, including prime contractors, subcontractors, and clients, are connected by a software-as-a-service (SaaS) facility maintenance solution to guarantee end-to-end service quality. It offers a thorough understanding of field operations required to keep track of business success. At the same time, it offers the information necessary to guarantee that the contract terms accepted by all parties are followed. The ideal field service management solution is adaptable and expandable enough to meet the needs of both your internal business operations and the expectations of your industry. It must also be simple to use and accessible so that administrative and technical workers across your firm can quickly adopt it.

Here's how you can manage your subcontractors better with facility maintenance software:

  1. You must be very careful to manage the services that third parties provide when you assign maintenance jobs to them. Through facility maintenance software, you can track service activities.

  2. As a manager, you may monitor service quality, technician productivity, and maintenance costs for each piece of equipment using the data on dashboards or in real time. Through Custella, you can see the typical response time, the total number of service visits made by each technician, and the total number of service calls that were successfully handled during a specific time frame.

  3. The requirement to supervise the activities of any outside contractors or subcontractors can be a headache in the pursuit of ideal project management. It can be complicated to stay on top of all of these moving pieces outside of your organization. However, Custella can take this into consideration as well. Allowing subcontractors to input data into your central system, such as task completion information and invoicing, enables firms to keep a closer eye on these teams to ensure they are carrying out their commitments. Additionally, it provides your subcontractors with the resources they need to manage their jobs most successfully. Optimizing their performance can foster connections with these third parties that are stronger and more reliable when they are used in the future.

  4. Before they arrive at the site, employees can use the mobile service app on their smartphone or tablet to look up the location of their next service call on a map and review the relevant manuals. They can communicate with each other, and the service center staff at all times. Additionally, they are less likely to type information incorrectly, twice, or without thinking. Your employees can monitor and plan service activities in real-time by knowing the accurate location of the technicians in real-time. This makes it possible to guarantee that service calls are completed by the timeframes established and that employees may be quickly transferred to assist in case an urgent problem develops at a nearby site. You can also get their real-time location and routing details through Custella.

This is merely a brief summary of the advantages facilities management software may offer your company. Introducing these solutions into your organization is more important than ever to reduce costs, drive efficiency, and make life easier for your employees as the obligations and demands placed on professionals grow with each passing year.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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