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5 Benefits of Case Management

Business man using Custella for case management

Must Dig Deeper

Customer relationship is one of the most fundamental aspects of ensuring success for your business, and field service management is a sustainable way of making it happen. Why? Because even if you are the seller of innovative gadgets and machinery, your revenue will not only depend on what you sell but also on the quality of after-sales service that you provide. Perhaps you produce a very unique type of machinery that is not sold anywhere else. You will probably sell a good amount of your product but what will happen once it needs repair? Any technician can attend to your customer and fix it for them. But it does not have to be that way - you can be at the top of your customer’s mind by providing quality field services and maintaining a profitable customer relationship.

However, you must also be aware of the fact that the quality of your service is the most important factor in ensuring a smooth field service experience. With the fast-paced environment that we are living in, it is evident that your company has to act fast when answering the field-level issues of your clients. But how can your agents do so if they are following the same old formula? Gone are the days when field reps had to install, maintain or repair equipment while carrying a phone, paper, and spare parts. The days when field service personnel tasked with installing, maintaining, or repairing equipment at a customer site only carried a phone, paper and the spare parts they needed are over. More and more companies understand the need to empower their people with solutions that help streamline workflows both in the field and at the office.

Employees are having smooth workflow by using Custella

An Important Perspective

To better understand the motivation behind streamlining workflows for ideal case management, our team went on a field visit to make some valuable insights from the marketing lead of a reputed business:

“Our company made sure to keep the customers satisfied for years. When we sell a product, we build a relationship with the consumer. We ensured case management by sending field service agents to our clients whenever there was an issue with our product and quarterly servicing. However, with many more competitors in the market, we realized that it was time to provide unparalleled service. That is when we opted for a case management software that would get rid of all kinds of bottlenecks experienced by our field staff. It was within a matter of months that we saw a boost in our productivity, reduced expense, happier customers, stronger brand image, and new customers.”

Here’s The Deal

According to the key personnel, having an out-of-the-box solution will give your workforce access to multiple benefits. Let us dive a little deeper to understand the benefits:

  1. Raise productivity and efficiency - The more paperwork there are, the more time you can expect your team to take in order to deliver results. Planners in your organization require time and relevant data to truly understand the best course of action your field force can take to get the task done. In the fast-paced environment of today, you can certainly expect others to not empathize with any sort of delay from your end. Smart solutions can help your planners in the office schedule field tasks efficiently while assisting your field team in reaching the customer site quickly and finishing their tasks efficiently and effectively.

  2. Save costs and boost profits - The devil is in the details. This is also true for the loopholes within your service process. Does it take more time than it should schedule your work? Is it a tedious task to maintain all your service level agreements? Are there times when incorrect billing pushes you to carry down the process all over again? All this can take time. And as the saying goes - the time is money; getting it right on the first go can save you more expenses than you may think. Moreover, a flawless service will gain you more loyal customers which in turn will garner greater sales.

  3. Delight your customers - As a customer, you would want to purchase a particular service or product to make your life easier. So the most important part of your service process should be to understand the customer experience. With a case management tool at your disposal, you will be able to provide proper service without any hiccups. This will definitely satisfy your customers. Moreover, a system such as this would be able to tell you what your customers expect. This will enable your planners to frame the service in a way that best connects with the consumers. Delighting your customers will not only make you have loyal customers but also promote your brand through word of mouth.

  4. Strengthen your brand reputation - Great service and products, if delivered correctly to the right customers can paint a strong brand image in the minds of the consumers. As mindshare increases, your brand image too will keep growing. A single source of truth can help you avail all that.

  5. Win new business - When the entire workflow process is optimized to fit the needs of your consumers and your field reps, they can become advocates of your brand and help you win new businesses in the process.

Manager able to find new business by using Custella

It’s Your Future

Just as natural selection keeps only the best genes and discards the ones that are incapable of surviving in the present environment, businesses that do not adapt to changes as customers need and demand will also fall behind in the race. A case management application such as Custella can keep you relevant and prevalent in the industry. Why not take the first step and see where you end up a year from now?


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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