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A well-thought-out Upsell Strategy through Field Service Management

How FSM can help upselling in field services

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Last week I went to buy groceries at Walmart. When I was standing in the checkout line, I grabbed some mints, chocolates, and batteries. Most of us do the same thing. This is a very common example of upselling. Nowadays, upsells are present almost everywhere. The idea is rather straightforward, even if they come in a variety of formats. Customers who have already made a purchase are offered upsells, which are additional goods, features, or services. Upsells frequently connect to existing purchases made by the customer. They typically increase genuine value or convenience. Making a solid upsell plan includes knowing how to do this efficiently.

Both of these are simple examples of upsells: chocolate bars in the grocery store checkout line and a recommended-product pop-up in an online retailer. Many people believe that physical products are the ideal candidates for upsells, but FSOs can also benefit from a sound upsell strategy.

Field Service Organizations (FSOs) typically use conventional sales and marketing strategies when trying to increase profit margins or bring in more business. These strategies much too frequently rely on aggressive sales techniques or intense client encounters. Customers may find those interactions off-putting, and employees may feel overworked as a result. A well-planned upsell strategy offers a third avenue for FSOs to increase revenue and foster client loyalty.

Your FSM software may be to blame if upselling sounds attractive but is impossible to achieve (or lack thereof). It can be more difficult to establish, close, or fulfill upsell opportunities with the improper solution since it might lead to operations that are unorganized, understaffed, and confusing. Upselling is often about being able to take the opportunity whenever, wherever, and however it presents itself. FSM software can be a big help in achieving that goal. Or, it may become an obstacle.

Here’s how field management software can help in upselling:

Customer portal: Opportunities to upsell frequently appear out of the blue, such as when a customer realizes they need to arrange further service as the technician is leaving. If the field service software has its own version of mobile application, customer interaction becomes a lot easier. For example, Custella, a SAAS application for field services has a mobile app too. Customer portals can be combined with cloud Saas apps to give vendors access to the market directly. An important element for managing a mobile workforce is the customer portal. This is offered by Custella so that customers may make new orders directly and that their service provider can cross-sell and upsell to customers on the platform while offering real-time status updates and order/delivery data.

Location mapping: The job locations of every agent on a team are visible in real-time in field service management software. In a SAAS like Custella, you can see real-time location and route. It combines HERE Maps and Google Maps. The system can use this functionality to alert field agents to jobs and orders that are close to where they are right now. You are able to do this to save a ton of time, money, and effort. If traffic or accidents alter the routes in any way, the map automatically updates its estimated time of arrival. The customer can determine the employee’s location as well. And if the work gets done without much delay, the client is more likely to add more products or services. Because who has time to waste?

Task management: You can organize the tasks for your employees according to their location, availability, and expertise. If a customer creates a work order in the client portal of Custella, you can send an employee who is suitable for the job. You can see the past work order records of the client from the portal as well. This will give you an idea about what problems the client might have and which employee got the work done for them. By sending the same employee, you can build trust and a good relationship with the client which will boost upselling.

By improving the productivity of field service agents with such clever field service management tools, you're essentially multiplying your sales team and expanding the selling possibility. Upsells have the power to significantly increase a company's earnings. They might be an effective tool for educating clients and fostering relationships. When used in conjunction with the appropriate resources and attitudes, upsell strategy can completely transform a company. Just keep an open mind to new ideas, pay attention to what works, and ensure that clients are content. The rest will work itself out.

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