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Ad-Hoc Job Assignment: Worrying Pitfalls with the Perks

Agent auto assigned to ad-hoc job by Custella

Case Study 8

By the Custella Team

Can Ad-Hoc Job Assignments Be Stressful?

In a word: Yes! In the field service industry, no single day is the same as the other. Tasks can bubble up willy-nilly. With that consideration, ad-hoc job assignments are also an everyday event. Due to the sudden nature of ad-hoc jobs, and the priority that they demand, managers often struggle with assigning impromptu tasks to field agents.

Why are they hard to manage? Athirah, the top brass in a utility company gave us her opinion about this:

“Ad-hoc jobs are a daily certainty and throws our prepared schedules into chaos. And when this happens, finding the right guy for the job becomes a challenge, given that they are already assigned to other jobs or are someplace far away.”

 Athirah Nur

Director of Operations

What can you do to solve ad-hoc job assignments?

Field service management tools are a great way to deal with the issues that arise with ad-hoc orders. With a field service management tool such as Custella, ad-hoc job assignments can be taken care of automatically, limiting the ripple effect that customarily follows.

Managers will not even have to worry about assigning jobs manually anymore because Custella’s feature picks us the job order in the system and auto assigns the job to the right agent based on skill, location, and utilization. Custella’s scheduling feature will also take care of when to schedule jobs that require immediate attention, either automatically or giving its recommendations to a manager for final approval.

Cables that require a field service agent

Are your operations as tangled up as these wires?

Custella’s agent utilization feature will also detect which agent has had more work during the week or month. This way, it can assign jobs to agents who are underutilized and have the right skills to do the job.

The Rise of Field Service Apps

With a field service management tool, the stress of manually finding which agents are nearby, and which agent is right for the job, and so on can be completely eradicated. Let the machine do the thinking! This makes dealing with day-to-day, ad-hoc job assignments much easier and quicker.

“Ever since we started using a field service management tool, I don’t have to worry about going through my agent’s files or calling them to find out where they are. The tool automatically takes care of it for me, also keeping ensuring that all my agents are being utilized fully.”

 Athirah Nur

Director of Operations

Ad-Hoc Job Assignment Automated

As such, by going digital and adopting a field service management tool, field service managers can sit back and relax and let the software take care of stressful situations like this. When an ad-hoc job comes up, no matter how hectic and stressful it used to be to find the right agent, the tool will be able to resolve the matter in a matter of seconds. So, with the use of Custella’s features, such incidents will be automated and fully optimized with ease.

As a field service management tool, Custella’s ad-hoc job assignment and agent utilization features optimize task assignments, and the day-to-day impromptu job orders.


Need a Field Service Management Tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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