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How dealership networks are improving customer experience maintain the service standards

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There’s a tale about an African farmer, unaware that his farm was one of the most diamond-rich estates in the continent, who became so fascinated with locating a diamond mine that he abandoned his land and spent the rest of his days trying in vain to realize his goal. Equipment dealers are aware that they have a gold mine in their service departments and using field service technology (FSM) systems is a novel method for mid-to large-size dealerships to protect and expand this margin-rich profit generator.

It goes without saying that companies that make big or intricate equipment use exceptionally distinctive and reliable systems and methods. Furthermore, a significant percentage of that industry is field service. There could be hundreds of service specialists managing inspections, installations, repairs, preventative maintenance, and other tasks for every heavy equipment dealer.

At your dealership, customer service is the cornerstone of every sale. If a customer receives poor service, they will immediately move on to the next dealership in the area. On the other hand, if they experience unrivaled customer service, you've won them as a permanent client. As a result, your company's degree of customer service directly affects your bottom line. Even if a dealership did not have the lowest price, 54% of auto buyers stated they would still buy from it if it provided their preferred experience. In light of this, your dealership must provide customers with the finest buying experience possible.

The dealership companies and service providers are going above and beyond to improve their customer service. During Covid, many of us couldn’t go out because of the restrictions. We had to face a hard time if we had any issues with the products we use. For example, my microwave was acting up. I called my regular maintenance service provider and told them about the issue. I used to carry my appliances to them but for the covid situation, they started providing home service with extra precautions. The experience was amazing and the most interesting part is they started using field management software where I could see all my previous history and data.

Manufacturers across a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, heating and air conditioning, telecommunications, security systems, and medical equipment, have discovered that when their dealers implement a mobile field service management application, equipment sales rise on average by 12% in the first year.

Here’s how you can maintain service standards in your dealership business through field service management software:

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1. Asset data: Every field service employee has a great deal of power due to mobile field service management. In a software like Custella your employees can get a complete customer detail (including address, phone number, and equipment present on-site), step-by-step directions to the customer's location, equipment servicing history, editable PDF forms, images, and videos, technical manuals, and more. Because of this, technicians can add a new project or customer visit almost every day when using a mobile field service application (over those without one). That translates to a significant average boost in productivity and an increase in sales potential for new parts or machinery.

2. Branding: By using a mobile field service application to turn your dealers’ technicians into brand ambassadors! That means that field service employees cannot only answer almost any technical question that may arise but also make sales presentations to customers that highlight the unique advantages of your products.

3. Inventory Management: Employees will be able to know what is in their truck, nearby trucks, and the warehouse with the use of a mobile field service application that integrates inventory and parts management. Additionally, if a system or part isn't in stock, they'll be able to order it right away and receive it more quickly than dealers who require technicians to call the office to place equipment orders. More sales of your equipment are generated for your dealers as a result. Custella has this great feature of creating virtual inventories as well which will keep track of every product in your warehouse.

4. Managing tasks (job assignments): Keeping track of employees and their areas of competence might be difficult. You can delegate work to your staff members using Custella based on their qualifications, experience, and location.

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It's very easy to be lost in the routine of your dealership's workday. Every day presents fresh chances to enhance your business, draw in more clients, and differentiate yourself from rivals. Try your best to improve their service experience and their trust. This demonstrates to clients that your team cares about the standard of customer service they provide, which in turn helps your dealership gain devoted customers.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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