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Breaching of SLA? No more.

Manager using Custella for case management and to prevent and minimize SLA breaches

Picture This

Jessie (pseudonym), a key account manager, steps inside her office early in the morning, feeling stressed out. She feels as though the entire team is putting all their workload on her and feels like she is letting them down. Her clients are raising issues, and she has to take care of them all without missing a single deadline. However, this is getting difficult for her as all her notes written in papers, spreadsheets with hundreds of data, and an online calendar with a clutter of notifications make her workflow haphazard. Despite trying to balance her work, she cannot keep her footing which is hindering her OKR. Tired, she decides to go to a coffee shop to sip on a drink with a friend of hers. Seeing her friend sparks a curiosity inside her - why is he so stress-free despite working in the same position as her for another company? She shares her struggles and inquires about how he manages all the stress. He replies with a look of confidence, saying that a smart field service management software keeps the unnecessary bottlenecks at bay and does justice to one’s bandwidth at work.

Manager being notified by Custella app of time left to SLA breach

Experiences that Inspire

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, or employee of an organization, you know exactly how important it is for your customers to be catered to in the right way at the right time. Employing lots of people to serve your customer is one way of tackling the heavy demand you may have. However, is that the most efficient method to address the issue? What about your budget? The philosophy of “Less is more” was perfectly implemented by this company as one of its key personnel proudly shared their team’s success story with us:

“The philosophy of our leader has always been to use the least amount of resources to get the most amount of output. Even though it sounds like a simple goal to follow, we actually used to have a difficult time meeting our KPI in the process. We are an old company with an ancient method of running our operations - or at least we were! Our CEO is open to change and embraced digitization with great flexibility. When we realized that our customers are now in need of more dynamic and agile services than ever before, we knew simple spreadsheets and the usual method of alignment within and outside the organization would not cut it. We decided to move to a software that would notify us and get us aligned most efficiently. Our SLAs breaches have since significantly reduced. It basically gives us timely email reminders and lets us see the SLA status. It’s all good.”

The Value You Get

Possessing an application that acts as the north star for your employees can surely lift off the burden of them. From the conversation with the satisfied employees, we have understood some of the benefits of using such a software:

  1. It helps you minimize & avoid SLA violation: You may have multiple clients with various needs and demands. To keep you and your team aligned with the tasks at hand, email reminders telling you exactly where you stand in the process of service delivery can aid you in keeping your promises.

  2. Status updates & Real Time Visibility of SLAs: Your SLAs are now visible with status updates - whether they are at the start, paused, at-risk, or completed. You will never miss another deadline or occur discrepancies in the service process. Since all the relevant data are at your disposal, there is barely any chance of missing out on anything. Each and every order number will be visible to you which will enable you to strategize and at the right time for error reduction.

  3. It keeps you transparent: It is always better to keep your and your team’s task as transparent as possible. This helps you backtrack or pinpoint an issue in real-time through the application.

  4. Flexibility in setting up SLAs: You will be able to set up your own SLAs. This means that you will be able to set up and choose SLA based on packages or agreement types you have with your customers thus allowing you greater ability in knowing which ones to prioritize and again reducing risk of SLA breaches.

Manager that uses Custella for case management is happy due to a significant reduction in Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches

Say Goodbye to SLA breaches

“The devil is in the details'' is indeed true when it comes to doing something that is big for your team and yourself. However, it does not have to be that way with a smart dashboard in your arsenal. Even the tiniest slip ups can have an adverse effect on your business and that is something that a lot of business professionals miss out on. With such busy schedules, a personal assistant is something that you can always count on. And if it is as advanced as what we are talking about, you know you can sit back and let it rescue your bandwidth and take you to the top.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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