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Case Management on Your Dashboard?

Executive using Custella for case management

“I’m using too many enterprise-level softwares!” - is a common complaint of your average SME operators. Want a seamless service journey?

“Customer is king” is a statement that you and your company are aware of. But did you know that most businesses that get left behind in the race are the ones that fail to satisfy their customers? Why is it that despite knowing the basic formula of making a winning business, so many businesses fail? You are probably thinking about the competitive nature of the market, the first-mover advantage, the technological advantage, and so forth - and you are right. There are many reasons why some companies perform better than others at keeping their customers happy. Perhaps one of the issues with many teams is that they complicate the process of customer happiness. The service that you provide and the products that you sell have a direct correlation with customer satisfaction. But that is not all - it is a smooth customer journey that truly ensures your customers have a good impression of your organization. So what can you do to ensure this? A Case Management System can seamlessly aid you through your journey.

Four employees on a laptop using Custella for case management to maintain service level agreements (SLAs) and ensure a smooth customer journey

"But How do I Solve These Problems", you ask. Easy!

Would it not be great to have all your customer information under one umbrella? A single source of truth on your case & task management that will give you just the guidance you will need to maintain your service level agreements (SLAs). To understand the dynamics of the system, we have approached a key personnel from a fast-growing start-up, and here is what she had to say:

“The competition in the market has gotten so high in recent years that it is inevitable for any company dreaming big to opt for the best features. Of course, we want to achieve this through complete customer satisfaction. But at the same time, for a start-up such as ourselves, we had to assign our human resources at our optimum level. After using a Case Management Dashboard of Custella, we knew it was a complete game-changer for us. A single dashboard that would enable us to track customer cases, stay aligned with all the department activities, and understand our client’s expectations? We were game. It was cost-effective for our budget, and efficient for our protocols. We basically prioritized our schedules based on the SLA commitments in place and were better equipped to know when there were potential SLA breaches which empowered us with the ability to take remedial actions to prevent or reduce a breach.”

Check out the features!

There are different types of customers for businesses each getting unique levels of service based on their needs and expectations. To make sure that your customers get exactly what they deserve while ensuring that your manpower is utilized at its optimal level, you can separate your customers from bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Each feature within the dashboard is designed to add value to your business process, further making the journey to serving your customers seamless.

  1. Customer details will have the name of the customer and the contact person making the communication flow easier.

  2. Planners will be able to prioritize the customers based on the issue raised and the priority level. They will be able to tell how important the problem is, what channel of communication is being followed, which department is the point of focus, the type of problem it is, and what SLA package they are on

  3. View the asset details by identifying the name of the products, their product ID, warranty, and fault types among others.

  4. A summary of who the ticket owner is.

  5. Assign the right field agent for the job based on their availability, utilization, location and skill sets among others.

Customer is satisfied due to Custella's case management dashboard and is shaking hands with a manager

Ready to rub shoulders with industry leaders?

Case management requires precision and having a one-stop solution that will clearly let you prioritize your clients is probably one of the best ways for you to live up to the philosophy “Customer is king”. With insights and ability to not just meet your customer expectations but also exceed it, it certainly is a game changer of your service levels in a highly competitive market. So, are you ready to become the king of the race?


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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