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Communication is Key

Why collaboration between field services and other business units is vital

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The perception of field service among other business units is often vague and filled with stereotypes and generalizations. Many people do not understand the importance and risks involved with field service and believe that it is less important than other departments. However, the perception of field service depends heavily on the successes and failures of the company's various projects.

I’ve wondered how two of my friends worked in the same company without knowing each other. One of them worked in the marketing department and the other one in field services. Unfortunately, it’s a very common scenario in organizations. Many times, when there are two divisions in a company that shares one resource, such as field service or marketing, the division that does not have any need for that resource will perceive its counterpart as less important. Field service falls into this category because many people don't see it as a business necessity but instead see it as an expense to be minimized. The departments need to work together as a team and not silo data. It's hard to make decisions and act without the right information. For example, if the marketing department wants to launch a new campaign but they don't know what the customer sentiment is like, they can't make the best decision for the company.

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According to Markets and Markets, the global Field Service Management Market size was valued at $3.2 billion in 2021 and projected to reach $5.7 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.9% during the forecast period. As the field service market is booming in recent years, it’s high time that other business units collaborate and work closely with them. The management might not have an accurate understanding of how field service is perceived by other business units, which can result in negative consequences. The goal is to break down barriers between the field service and other business units that are impacted by field service and then address the needs of those other business units.

Companies have started using field service management software like Custella, Salesforce, Oracle, etc. to ensure efficient management and to build a bridge with other business units within the company. Here’s how other units can work alongside field services:

  • Skilled labor: Through a field service management software like Custella, you can assign tasks to your staff according to their skills, expertise, and location which closely aligns with the duties of the operations and HR department.

  • Keeping track: You can keep track of what's going on, as well as what must be done and what has already been done. Your field service management team can keep track of all service requests, and most ERP systems can be linked to it.

  • Customer Portal: You can get a full view of transaction history, product purchases, warranties, and past engagements from a single platform and these are important information for both the finance and customer service department.

  • Asset and inventories: You can create virtual warehouses and manage them through inventory management. Handover forms and transfer of inventories can be managed as well. You can scan the RFID for assets check-in or check-out. So, you can have real-time information about inventory which is beneficial for your business and makes the work of other departments a lot easier.

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According to studies, the key to greater cross-departmental collaboration is to optimize the flow of asset data between diverse systems as well as the corporate structure. In some ways, it may be said that the organizational structure facilitates collaboration. Field service departments are often disconnected from other business units. But it is important that they work together and share information to make better decisions for the company.

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