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Custella Among Sponsors of Field Service Asia 2019

Custella software on a computer next to a wall that says Custella Field Service Optimization

By the Custella Team

Sentosa, Singapore, Nov. 13, 2019; Field Service Asia had its third installment at the scenic Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa, Singapore from 12 November through 14 November. Custella, a field service management, and mobility solutions company was one of the sponsors of the event. 

Field workforce management software Custella at Field Service Asia 2019

Field Service Asia: A Must Visit For Field Service Stakeholders

The conference concentrates on several key business challenges in the Asia Pacific, such as the need to differentiate services, lowering labor costs, and increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in field service management (FSM). At Custella’s booth, they featured their platform, showcasing its comprehensive, user-friendly features that will be invaluable to service organizations. 

In an era of digital-nativity, service organizations look to strengthen their field agents with the right tools and knowledge to surpass elevated customer expectations. FSM technology can proficiently drive efficiency in field service agents by using mobile applications that are quick to adapt, and valuable in the workflow process. For Customers, a field service tool endows them with security, awareness, and better quality assuredness by way of transparency.

Through their sponsorship, Custella responded to the growing demand for improving communications between field service engineers, their managers, and their customers (both potential and existing). The Asia Pacific industries are growing at an incredible rate, being responsible for nearly two-thirds of global growth back in 2018. This rapid growth stimulates competition, complexity, and challenges such as population aging and declining productivity growth.

But despite this, automation technologies have also been enabled to revolutionize industries like field service. And that accurately describes Custella’s core value—an innovative technology that is supported by unparalleled business acumen and service industry expertise. 

By refining the workforce process with smart automation and optimization, Custella helps the field centric companies produce increased profit while accurately matching customer satisfaction and service levels through pre-emptive communication that fashions a unified, dependable, and highly personalized experience at all customer relationship touchpoints. 

Watch Custella’s Field Service Asia 2019 Recap here

Custella’s participation at an event such as Field Service Asia, gives the company coverage to the trends and pulse of the field service industry, while presenting it to the many field service operators in the region, whether they are large enterprises or SMEs. The instrumental exchange of knowledge amplifies the field service solutions based on demands and persuasive pain-points.


Need a Field Service Optimization Tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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