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Custella Case Study: Alan Dick

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

Ensuring Digital Connectivity with Efficient Asset Management and Field Service Tools.

Alan Dick Brunei provides clients with expertly engineered and professionally delivered solutions for Cellular, Data, Radar, and Broadcast Systems. Their clients range across industries such as telecommunications, oil & gas, defense & enterprise markets in Brunei and Malaysia.

When it comes to Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure, there are several RF and cellular assets that are constructed on towers across the country. Teams of engineers and specialists not only design but also build these complex network and telecommunications projects. The teams regularly use specialist (and highly sensitive) equipment like the clinometer and theodolite that are owned by Alan Dick Brunei.

The field teams and managers needed an application that could help them keep track of what equipment was being checked in and out of their stores, as well as to set reminders for the regular recalibration.

Custella proposed their Field Technician software application and Asset Management module as a solution. The app assigns, tracks, and reports on service technician's work based on location, travel time, capacity, and skill. The Custella app automatically optimizes the field technician’s day using predictive algorithms, considering scheduled appointments, location, availability, and priority. It even factors in buffer times such as walking from the car park or taking the lift to the client’s floor, to ensure the technician arrives on time.

Custella is now contributing to an improvement in customer service levels by:

• reducing fault response times

• minimizing technician travel times

• minimizing double handling of faults

• providing visibility of fault types and problematic sites

It also provides improved reporting, reducing manual reporting and the associated errors and delays. In addition, data from forms, checklists, notes, photos, and digital signatures were linked to existing systems to provide a better overall view of task status and progress on a real-time dashboard. Assets could also be easily kept track of, scheduled for use, and reminders set for recalibration.

Alan Dick Brunei field service teams also have to undergo annual to bi-annual safety recertification, renewal, and re-training. This involves aspects of medical training as well as common safety practices and operating procedures. The proof of completion for these training has to be provided to clients such as Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP), along with evidence of vehicle and safety equipment (e.g. safety harnesses) certification. Custella not only gives the managers and the field teams reminders of these essential practices but also helps Alan Dick track and provide reports to their clients.

This addressed a very real concern for the company, as country manager, Stephen Macpherson explains:

"Custella is a powerful tool in effect combining a field service management application and an asset management software into one platform. With it, organizations with field teams traveling and working in remote locations are better planned and equipped to survey, maintain, and install telco towers. Clients benefit through the real-time status updates and detailed reporting available readily on their customer portal. And the warehouse managers in the office can view the schedule of equipment being checked in and out, along with alerts for parts due for recalibration and recertification. This solves a very real problem since it is easy to overlook the little stickers on a vital tool such as a theodolite and forget that they may need reconfiguring before a job. Incorrect configurations can result in a very expensive, time-consuming redoing of the job. Custella helps avoid disgruntling clients in this way."

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