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Custella Case Study: Hills Health Solutions

A happy patient

Optimizing Service Support to Ensure a Better Patient Experience.

Hills Health Solutions is a publicly listed company that supplies security, IT, and health products across Australia and New Zealand. Its health business, Hills Health Solutions, is the largest manufacturer/supplier of nurse call solutions in Australia, and the company complements this

offering with patient engagement technology, including hospital TV’s and movie hire.

The Patient Entertainment Systems (PES) team maintain over 17,000 hospital-grade TV’s in 86

hospital sites across Australia. TV entertainment is a pleasant way for patients to pass the time while they receive treatment, and hospital TV’s are often left running for long periods of time. When they do require maintenance, it becomes a time-critical task, as there is a patient waiting to ‘switch on’.

The PES service team were using a spreadsheet to manually log, schedule, track, and close service

jobs, which was time-consuming and risked incorrect data logging. They needed an automated

solution that would reduce admin time and increase efficiencies for technicians, as well as providing performance insights for management and enable better service delivery to customers.

Custella proposed their Field Technician software application as a solution. The app assigns, tracks, and reports on work allocated to service technicians, based on location, travel time, capacity, and skill. Using predictive algorithms, the Custella app automatically optimizes the field technician’s day, considering scheduled appointments, location, availability, and priority. It even factors in buffer times such as walking from the car park, or taking the lift to the client’s floor, to ensure the technician arrives on time.

Custella is now contributing to an improvement in customer service levels by:

• reducing fault response times

• minimizing technician travel times

• minimizing double handling of faults

• providing visibility of fault types and problematic sites.

It also provides improved system reporting, reducing manual reporting and the associated errors and delays. In addition, data from forms, checklists, notes, photos, and digital signatures were linked to existing systems to provide a better overall view of task status and progress on a real-time dashboard.

Head of Operations, Troy DiDomenico, said that Custella were quick to grasp Hills’ operations model and customize the Custella platform to meet the company’s needs, particularly the requirement to provide a dashboard view of current and completed jobs, and create reports on service work by hospital site.

"Our mission is to add value by providing the best products, supported by high-quality service, advice and expertise, and the Custella app support our staff to achieve this."

“We hope to implement the Custella platform across other health operations,” he said.

Watch the full video here:

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