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Custella’s Impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

SDGs: What Are They and Why Should We Care About Them?

Whether we are scrolling through social media or watching the news, the call for action for some global cause is always there. As there are a number of them, it can be hard to point out which ones need our immediate attention and which ones we should commit to. But there is a silver lining, as the United Nations has provided us with an SDG as in the Sustainable Development Goals framework that consists of 17 goals with a global focus on people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. The specific goals are:

  1. No Poverty

  2. Zero Hunger

  3. Good Health and Well-Being

  4. Quality Education

  5. Gender Equality

  6. Clean Water and Sanitation

  7. Affordable and Clean Energy

  8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

  9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  10. Reduced Inequalities

  11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

  12. Responsible Consumption and Production

  13. Climate Action

  14. Life Below Water

  15. Life on Land

  16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

  17. Partnerships for the Goals

Custella and SDGs

Custella is committed to understanding that these critical challenges require businesses to make smarter choices and innovate new ways to face these challenges together. Our goal is strongly aligned with these Sustainable Development Goals, and we are committed to helping businesses who use Custella to use data, field service management, and technology in a way that helps businesses have a positive impact on these goals.

At Custella we strive for responsible actions and understanding their consequences which includes taking action to accelerate the world’s progress toward the SDGs.

Custella addresses SDGs such as Decent Work and Economic Growth, Climate Action through a combination of technology and sustainability initiatives, and our work in the Field Sales, Service, and Transport Management arena.

For example, Custella plays a crucial role in creating a sustainable, low-carbon future by enabling businesses to commit to reduce paper and fuel consumption, and also working towards decent work and economic growth, by leveraging the Custella Field Service Optimization app.

Custella’s Sustainability Initiatives

When it comes to sustainability, the use of Custella addresses:

SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG13: Climate Action

SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Visibility: Productivity

Travel: Quality Time

Real-Time Info: Tedious Manual Work

Custella ensures real-time visibility of all information regarding job orders and SLA, increasing the productivity of all the relevant team members. When every information such as the history of work done, next maintenance schedule, and ease of reference for work required, it ensures a decent and efficient work environment for everyone involved. It also reduces the tedious manual work of spending hours sorting through the previous history, or the need to travel needlessly to the location only to get information that is easily available in the Custella app.

We have seen significant reduction in manual (non value added work), ability to focus on customer valuable engagement, and build on the time earned to carry out more value added work. This not only helps the company in their quality of service but has certainly empowered team members in the growth path by allowing them to focus on the quality of their deliverables.

SDG13: Climate Action

Digitalization: Reduced Paper

Smarter Travel: Reduced Fuel Consumption

With Custella every data and information is housed in one mobile application, which reduces the need to store data on paper, which inadvertently would result in hundreds of files in the physical storage unit. This is how Custella’s field service management is playing a crucial role in reducing paper waste and therefore, the need to cut down trees.

Custella also provides smart assignments that allow planners to plan efficiently so that not only does the customer not get compromised but the work done is achieved in the most efficient manner possible. Field technicians are also empowered (subject to company SOPs) to make changes to their schedule to reduce overall time and distance travelled.. This contributes to reduced fuel consumption.

The Sustainable Development Goals is a mirror of our collective goals. In order to achieve these goals, we must all act now, and making responsible decisions in the field service can play a huge role in achieving these goals. Our actions and activities add up to the collective impact. Custella Field Service Optimization is playing its role, and we hope to inspire everyone to contribute towards achieving the SDGs in their own way.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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