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Mobile Workforce Management: Data Collection Made Easy for Businesses

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Case Study 4

By the Custella Team

The Situation at Hand with Data Collection

Data collection can be overwhelming when it comes to paperwork. Having a mobile workforce management tool makes the job much easier. Running a field service business can be challenging. In fact, there are so many challenges in this area of business; keeping track of job schedules, customer’s signatures, and so much data collection through paperwork that it becomes impossible to keep track of. Which of course makes loss of information inevitable.

Recently, we encountered a company that was facing trouble in almost all these areas especially managing their operational data. How so? Getting signatures from the customer and taking it back to the office to the manager made their field agents move around so much, spending a lot of time per service order. Which directly translates into longer turnaround times for workers and wasting resources. This effects customer’s experiences as well. After all, let’s face it, who wants to sit around waiting for a company to send their workers to fix something when they can opt for one that can get the job done right away?

So, it was time for the company to fix these issues:

  1. Losing track of all the service orders

  2. Having to return back to the office for documentation completion and manual filing

  3. Getting customer’s signed purchase order to the office before heading out to the next customer

  4. Slow turnarounds affecting customer’s satisfaction

Paperless data collection with mobile workforce management tool

Going Paperless With A Mobile Workforce Management Tool

Looking for solutions, Sandeep “Sunny” Singh, veteran Project Manager of the company stumbled upon a few Mobile Workforce Management tools. To his surprise, not only did it make his data collection process effortless, but it also got all the other pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

“Collection and retention of all data on paper was making it very challenging to stay on top of job orders. Field workers were getting overwhelmed going back and forth with all that paperwork too. Fortunately, technology had us covered and we evolved our workflow.”

Sandeep “Sunny” Singh

Project Manager

No Data Lost, No Time Wasted in Collection

A tool like Custella helped Sunny get past all the challenges he was facing in his business. Custella’s useful image and document attachment feature helped the workers save time by having to just snap a picture of the job before and after it is done, and attaching it on the job schedule. They could also collect digital signatures on the app itself ultimately eliminating the commute back, and instead move on to the next assigned job rather than returning to the office. Managers meanwhile could view the pictures and the signature taken from the other end through their device. So just like that, optimized data collection for Sunny’s company helped him speed up service and retain his customers.

With the help of one feature-rich software, Sunny could:

  1. Save time for field workers on the job

  2. Unify operational data more efficiently and effortlessly

  3. Keep track of job orders and prioritize resources

Custella simplified all these issues for Sunny and his business, resulting in an increase in sales and customer satisfaction. Morale in the company among field workers greatly improved given the decrease in commute times.

As a mobile and web application, Custella’s Data Collection feature automates workflows and optimizes mobile workforce management.


Need a mobile workforce management tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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