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Data Dilemma: Causes and Solutions

If you are investing in newer and better, you have to look at the functionality and overall experience through the eyes of your employees

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One word which has become prevalent in most industries around the world is data. A decade ago marketers and business owners concentrated on mostly two things; customer and product. The advancement of technology, digitization, and globalization have pushed forward the concept of gathering, storing, and analyzing data. More and more leaders have identified reasons and opportunities for capturing critical customer and asset data. These data are used for a company’s operational, commercial, and strategic reasons. However, this also creates confusion and fear among business owners.

A 360-degree Solution

The volume of data, data storage strategy, and reading the data makes business owners concerned about their capacity to handle the data. This creates a data dilemma and can hamper your business in the long run. The tasks, such as maintenance, inspection, and safety security are usually spearheaded by your technicians. These tasks are time-consuming and require the attention of skilled technicians. The documentation of data is also a time-consuming task. This is why it is crucial that you provide the tools and solutions which enable your technicians to capture accurate data quickly and efficiently. For example, Custella is a SAAS application designed for organizations to plan and manage work, information, assets, and people that are on the field.

Awareness about Data and its Usage

Technicians on the field can get inundated with data capture requests. The data collection process quickly becomes a burden which minimises the impact and value of digital tools implemented by the business owners to make their lives easier. The value of this investment in data and technology can become unclear to your technicians and fleet service agents, which then creates an additional barrier to technology acceptance and adoption. Here are some important reasons why data is an asset:

  • Increased Compliance: The trust and success of our customers should be one of your highest priorities. Data allows your employees to listen to your customers and easily meet their demands and queries

  • Improved Resource Management: As more businesses are entering the market, certain resources are becoming scarce. This is why businesses want to ensure that none of their valuable resources are going to waste. Salesforce offers software for resource management that helps business leaders to better track and allocate the assets that fuel their businesses

Acceptance and Adoption of Data

If you are investing in newer and better, you have to look at the functionality and overall experience through the eyes of your employees. You have to make sure that we are making things easier for them. In order for your data management solution to be effective, your employees and technicians have to be willing to use it.

Paper documents are difficult to manage, and can easily be lost or destroyed. The most effective data-management software is cloud-based programs which enable your employees to instantly back up and synchronise in real-time. This way your most relevant data and important resources will never fall through the cracks. Take some time to speak to your employees and show them how the software is there to help them collect, organise, and store data better. If your employees are still sceptical, they can read more about How to Leverage Industrial Asset Service Data.

Large businesses can have thousands of employees involved in data management, which means that the data management software needs to be user-friendly for a wide range of technical-expertise levels. However, we do not suggest giving every employee extensive training for certification. The software available in the market is mostly intuitive enough to allow users to jump directly into it with no prior instruction. For example, Field service management software has a user-friendly interface and can be used on desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Your employees can stay connected, chat, and share documents and information at the press of a button.

To conclude, leveraging and understanding technology for better data management will combat data dilemmas and allow you to witness high growth of your business. Custella, the most popular field service provider, has all the necessary features organizations need in this day and age to keep your business relevant and competitive. It can assist you to simplify your field operations so that you can maintain excellent and personalized customer service while reducing expenses and increasing revenue.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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