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Do You Know What Your Field Workers Are Really Doing?

Three managers on the go using Custella for task visibility on field agents

Why Visibility Matters

In a world where businesses are constantly challenged to keep up with the changing demand of the customers and the technological shift, the best way to make sure that your organization is at the top of the chart is to opt for automation that will act as a one-stop solution for multiple issues. Imagine running a business with a team of field service agents that has to move around different areas of the city to provide maintenance for technologies that you provide. Without proper task visibility of your workforce, your company’s performance level will be down in the slumps in no time. So what can you do? Simple - stay connected to your workforce through and through. Be it knowing the whereabouts of your agents, assigning them with a task, or simply knowing the progress of their work can be done at the tap of a screen using field service management software.

Two engineering managers in the field using Custella for task visibility on field agents

How It Worked Out For Them

For one service provider, one of the primary issues it was facing was not being able to achieve task visibility within the organization. Needless to say, as long as you have a work team, it is one of the most fundamental factors when ensuring a seamless flow of work. The planners of the company realized that to improve their work efficiency, they must first find a reliable platform that they can consider as the ‘single source of truth’. To know more about their perspective, our team has communicated with one of the key personnel in the organization. Here is what she had to say:

“We have been one of the dominating players in the market and lack of efficiency is not one of the reasons why we would want to ever back down. Many people use our technology so it is important that our engineers make sure that they run smoothly. But with so many field engineers to look after, it can become a tedious process. Let’s be pragmatic - not all the field service workers perform precisely as we expect and that's okay. What we needed was a system that would ensure that the work was getting done as we expected - give us task visibility. So we opted for a smarter tool. It wasn’t long after that that we began to see massive growth in our productivity and positive scores in our KPIs.”

The Process Of Task Visibility

A field force management software such as Custella can indeed enable task visibility for its users. The field service software supports the work process of this particular organization through the following process:

  1. For the very first level of support, a telegraphic transfer (TT) record will be created in the field service application.

  2. Once there is a need for field team engagement, a Job Order (JO) is created from the application based on the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the organization.

  3. The field force system is used to assign job orders to the company’s field engineers. Once the appointment time is fixed, a task is created and assigned to the field engineers.

  4. The field engineers use the following functions:

  5. The Start and End Journey buttons on the task are tapped to record the time and distance traveled for generating a mileage report.

  6. The Check-in and Check-out button on the task is used to record the amount of time spent by a field service agent on performing a task.

  7. The status field within the software is there to update the status of their task in real-time.

  8. The Support and Device Maintenance teams manage reporting through the application.

A manager is using Custella's task visibility to assign job orders for the field engineers

You Can Relax

A single software is now able to do the work of multiple people as precisely as possible. And the best part about mobile field applications is that you get to utilize them in not just a particular type of business, but for all kinds of business. Task visibility is definitely something that every company deserves to experience. With everything happening in real-time, you will not have to worry about extra paperwork or missed data entry due to human error. So why not relax and let your smart software perform the magic for you?


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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