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Driver Management Solutions For Fleet

Driver using transportation management system Custella.

By The Custella Team

“It’s Going To Take Some Time”- Enter Driver Management

If there is a key area of concern for most businesses, especially in the context of driver management it is the issue of time. Businesses have to grapple with ensuring that they are timely in their delivery of goods and services and when traffic and other extraneous variables come into play it can be hard to deliver on company promises such as meeting customer needs.

A Challenge Of Time

The great thing is it does not have to take some time! Driver management can work to assist businesses in dealing with different issues. Whether it is through the implementation of a system or feature as a way to address a specific issue, businesses can gain by being more prepared out in the field whilst also experiencing greater productivity and an increase in profit altogether.

If you are wondering how exactly driver management can work to the advantage of your business there are two ways that this feature addresses time challenges in field service:

  1. Waiting times which can include when depot or pick-up points have not opened, or when drivers need to rest e.g. mandatory rest required in between drive time, ensuring that they are resting at approved locations if company policies specify so. Or by being able to take into account waiting, loading, and unloading times.

  2. Buffer times by being able to account for the time that may be spent in traffic or at a security check or the distance that it would take from the parking to the doorstep of the client for example.

When it comes down to it being able to know about possible delays and being able to take preventative measures when scheduling the day's task would enable businesses to experience greater productivity.

Another aspect of time that can be troublesome is the time it takes to plan and get your assets on the road. Managers in the office will understand the tedious process of sifting through piles of paperwork in search of schedules and shift-rosters, cross-referencing them with the right vehicles, and finally assigning them to specific delivery orders. Longer processing times can account not only for delays but also for unoptimized operations with a higher possibility of errors.

With automated planning hubs, driver management can be as simple as pressing a button, lending more time to focus on improving your fleet’s performance, and ensuring your operations keep running like clockwork. Your clients won’t be disappointed by long turnovers and your drivers will thank you for optimum utilization- which means you’re not stressing them without taking into consideration much needed rest times.

Finally, using a driver management strategy for business would allow the businesses to thrive due to better organization and more accurate task scheduling. In the long run, an increase in profit can be observed due to the reduced costs as there is no longer a loss of time.

Check out our case study to find out how fleet planning can boost a company’s productivity and time management.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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