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Easy Speed Tweaks with a Service Scheduling Software

Spare parts for field service agents

Case Study 9

By The Custella Team

Contending with Expectations Without A Service Scheduling Software

Maintaining rigid timing in the field service industry is important when you want to keep your clients happy and don’t want to lose them to your competitors. Sometimes though, it can be a challenge when it comes to living up to your customer’s expectations and staying on schedule. With one field service agent always on the job, there is a need to communicate and manage schedules. That is where service scheduling software comes in handy. It can prevent your business from wasting unnecessary time on manually assigning jobs, and make job order completion much smoother.

Why would you use Service Scheduling Software?

If you are having trouble scheduling your field agent’s meetings when there are ad-hoc jobs popping up every hour, a service scheduling software can help you eradicate the chaos. Nash, the executive manager of a food delivery company shared her woes on the subject with us.

“Our company has a lot of job orders coming in daily. One minute I’m assigning one job to one of my guys, and other times, I have priority job coming up that requires immediate delivery or pickup. Now, the dilemma: if I miss out an order, customers will not come back.”

Nash Kaur

Executive Manager – Service Delivery

Problems, Problems, and… Problems

After a quick internet search, Nash discovered that service scheduling software scheduled all her work in an optimized manner. In the past, she would have to manually put in the research required such as finding a guy available to do a certain job, making sure he has the right skills or replacing a guy who called in sick for two days. But with scheduling software, these manual tasks became automated and freed Nash’s time for other important matters.

How the Features of a Scheduling Software Can Help

So how did a service scheduling software help? It has the feature to automatically assign jobs to your workers. When an ad-hoc job comes in and it requires immediate attention, the software will automatically assign the job to the right person with the right skills. It can also detect which agent with the right skills is the closest to the job location so that the task is taken care of as quickly as possible.

Man smiling because of service scheduling software Custella

It’s all smiles when you’re using a Service Scheduling Software.

Software like Custella also features tracking task completion so that the manager can monitor progress. The route tracing feature will also show the worker which is the fastest route to take, to get to the job ASAP. After adopting a service scheduling software, Nash has this to say:

Our response time has increased by 90% for ad-hoc jobs, and our sales and service orders has increased by 65%. Adopting this technology has made management and scheduling of jobs so easy and smooth, that sometimes we even have extra time to do other jobs that were not in the schedule. Service scheduling software truly came as a life saver for our business.”

Nash Kaur

Executive Manager – Service Delivery

A Conclusive Solution

Adopting technology and faster processes in your business can bring you more business. It will increase your sales and services and get you more customers by saving time and resources. Service scheduling software like Custella will help you manage your manual task with minimal interference.

As a Field Service Scheduling Software, Custella’s ad-hoc job assignment and scheduling features optimize field agent’s schedules quickly and efficiently.


Need a Field Service Scheduling Software like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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