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Field Force Management Is Easier Than You Think

Businessman using a field sales and field service management app

The Future Is Now

Technology and innovation are changing the world. Almost any industry that you see is being automated. The clerical tasks are being replaced by robots, smart software, and so forth. The fact that every industry has become so competitive with a large number of key players battling for supremacy indicates that there is no room for inefficiency. A smooth flow of work within a business is key to ensuring effective delivery of service or product to the consumers.

Whether you are working in the fashion industry or the IT industry, you would, at the end of the day, need the right technology to identify various business problems and mitigate them. The success story of a technology provider company is a testament to how integral technology is to each and every corporation that is operating to become an efficient player in the market.

Businesswoman outdoors using a field sales and field service management software

Expanding Comes At A Price

A technology solutions provider has been carrying out its operations for quite some time now catering to different target groups such as hospitals, homes, educational institutes, retail spaces, entertainment venues, government entities, and workplaces. It tries to provide a 360-degree solution and distributed services such as service capabilities and asset management to its clients.

Even though it is driven by technology, its management and other employees were facing issues related to the inefficiency in the company’s technological workflow process. To understand the exact pain-points of the company, we attended a meeting with one of the key personnel working in the operations department. This was what she had to say:

“Our company is very versatile in terms of providing a service. We provide it to a wide range of target customers such as schools, businesses, homes, and so on. The issue arose as we started gaining momentum. Our clients started to increase and we had to assign more and more field service agents to deliver our services such as the installation of a particular machine at a school. We used multiple systems for getting job orders but it did not seem efficient enough. There was just too much to do. It was also a difficult task to assign tasks to so many employees and keep track of what they were doing. In a nutshell, we needed something that could make our work process faster and more efficient. We needed a field-force management software.”

Good News for You

To pinpoint the issues, this company was facing the following:

  1. It had multiple systems providing work orders making the process lengthy

  2. It had users across different teams covering various types of faults and there was a challenge managing the planning of tasks for the field team members due to limited visibility of their location and availability information.

  3. Upon the completion of a task, a centralized system was needed to track the actions of the field service agents such as check-in/out, photos taken, adding of parts as well as notes or remarks for each task. In addition to that, they are required to report and update on the type of fault and resolutions based on the relevant system. Needless to say, the agents had to take accountability for the incomplete tasks from the list.

  4. It lacked calendar views that are simple and intuitive to use both for the management as well as the technicians on the ground for ease of use.

  5. It did not have a system that would enable them to follow an easy process of job order creation, planning of the right rep for the job, execution tracing of work done by individuals or team, as well as lacked the visibility analysis of work done via a reporting tool.

What It Offers

For them, the solution was simple - a field force management software such as Custella. A one-stop solution that works easier for both the planners and the field service workers. Here are the benefits:

  1. A Job Order (JO) gets created upon the need for a field team engagement. Several relevant information is provided based on system type, location, availability, utilization, skill sets, and so forth.

  2. Tasks are created & assigned to the field rep using a field force management software once the appointment time is fixed. Ad Hoc tasks are created and uploaded every few hours via a CSV file and subsequently assigned to the right agent.

  3. The field rep shall use the JO and Task modules to update the relevant information. First, the start and end journey button on the task to record the time and distance traveled for generating a mileage report if necessary. Secondly, there is a Check-in and Check-out button on the task to record the amount of time spent on performing a task. Third, the Status field on the task can be accessed to update the status of their task. Fourth, Fault and resolution reasons based on system type will be required to be updated on the job order prior to completion.

  4. The administration manages to report via the reports acquired from the job order information of individuals

The key personnel further opined, “We are very much content with the performance of our workers and it would not have been possible without such visibility. Indeed the software enabled us to enjoy such benefits at the click of a button and we can only plan forward with such a powerhouse at our arsenal.”

Field agent using a field force management software

The Question

No work is complicated enough when a field force management software is integrated into the system. Automation is a step that the future of the market will push all businesses to take and the faster one adapts to it, the easier it will be for them to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Now the question is - is your business ready for the future?


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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