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Field Service Optimization: Challenges in the Field

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By the Custella Team

A survey by WBResearch has led to an interesting summary of all the common pain-points faced by companies in the field service industry. Whether you’re a large MNC or an SME, managing field agents on the go and staying on top of the job orders coming in can be quite a challenge.

Custella Infographic: challenges faced by field service companies

How Custella addresses these Field Service Challenges

When it comes to upgrading a legacy system and integrating it into a newer solution, Custella can easily integrate with a number of applications. Your workforce will not need to learn new skills either as the platform is straightforward to set up and use. Furthermore, the platform addresses the growing need to pass down skills from veteran field workers to new-hires. Through Custella, communication is invigorated, allowing real-time supervision during the execution of the more complex work orders.

Apart from being able to work in remote locations lacking mobile signals, Custella’s field service platform can also identify which field engineers are underutilized and over-utilized. This opens the door to better management and optimization of your workforce resources, driving forward customer engagement.

Custella is now being deployed in industries such as Utilities, Power, and F&B. It can similarly be put to use in the healthcare industry, and many many more, crafted to the unique use-case required.


Need a Field Service Optimization Tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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