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Field Service Management – Tying Loose Ends

A team fist bumping as Custella has successfully optimized operations

By The Custella Team

Too many tasks, too little time, is something that everyone without a Field Service Management tool can relate to. Here’s what you can do to make more time.

In case you didn’t already know, getting more organized was the second-highest resolution made by people all around the world in 2018. And if you have the same resolution this year, we’ve got one word for you: Custella.

We explain what Custella’s Field Service Management can do for you below:

No More Toggling

In other words, you don’t have to switch between apps. For instance, at the moment you might check your calendar for all your (and your team’s) tasks and then manually key the location into a navigation app to help determine the shortest and quickest route. Why go through all that hassle when Custella can sync new and updated tasks to your team’s calendar (Google for instance) and also give the best route to take?

On top of that, you get a full view of where and what your teams are doing without having to open another tab or system.

An Efficient Field Service Manager

Say you manage teams that are always on the field/ on the move. Custella provides a field service management platform that lets each of the team’s members to check-in and out of tasks, and you (the manager) will immediately get notified. This eliminates the need to constantly pick up the phone and ask the employee where they are, and why they may be late to a job.

On that note, another nifty feature of Custella is that if an employee is unable to attend their next task for some reason (eg. they fell sick/ they need more time at the current task), Custella’s field service management can suggest team members that are available and nearest to that client. This definitely saves you time from opening up your spreadsheet to find a replacement and making phone calls to confirm their availability and current location.

A Great Timekeeper

One of the key features in Custella is the optimizer. Say you’ve got a meeting at 10 am in KLCC (fixed task) and 3 pm in Kelana Jaya (fixed task) and you’ve got to get to the bank, have lunch, and also send your phone for repair (flexible tasks) and ensure you leave for home by 5 pm. Custella will suggest the best time to carry out the flexible tasks and even the nearest location you can do them at providing mobile workforce management. If you’re not happy with the suggestion, alternatively, you can drag and drop your flexible tasks according to your leisure and reschedule it.

Connect Everywhere and Anywhere

Aiding you with Field Service Management, no matter where you are, Custella lets you update your (and your team’s) tasks anytime. Just do so by logging on to your account via the web browser or the mobile app itself. Team members can take notes and attach them to the task assigned to them, create sales orders, and even inform you if they need assistance for a task. If you have left the office and need to urgently re-assign a task, you can easily do so from the mobile app.

Find out how the Custella Optimiser finds you the best route to get the job done here :

Need a field service management software like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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