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Field Service Processes Are Easy To Deal With

electricity box needing a field service agent to repair

Case Study 7

By the Custella Team

The Issue with Field Service

A typical field service manager has a lot on his plate every day. From assigning tasks to field agents, to making sure customer’s requirements are met in the expected time frame, the field service processes fall on the shoulders of the manager himself. And yes, it can overwhelm even the most tightly run organization. This is especially true when one has to deal with day-to-day business in a fast-paced sector such as utilities. Nevertheless, the difficulty does not have to be the case with the right tools at hand.

When Troubles Afoot

We were told about a manager of a utility company. He was kind enough to spare some time from his busy schedule and share his thoughts over a call on what difficulties he faced in running his company.

“It is hectic. We have job orders coming from left and right and only so much time in the day to assign the tasks correctly. On one hand I am dealing with a customer who wants his electricity meters fixed right now, while on the other hand I am trying to get a hold of my technician to see if he is done with his current task. On top of that, ongoing paperwork and follow ups are a cycle every day.”

– Kevin Cheong Business Manager

Field Service Processes Made Easy

Managing field service processes does not necessarily have to be so daunting. Kevin was told about a digitized solution that manages his day-to-day job orders easily and put a stop to the never-ending paperwork.

A field service management software, such as Custella, has all the features necessary for managing such a day to day business. With Custella’s job order management feature, all the jobs that come up every day automatically input in the application without the manager’s manual interference. Using its automated task assignment feature, Custella assigns the right job to the right worker with the proper skillsets, also without any manual interference.

The managers don’t have to follow up by calling his workers anymore, because a field service tool such as Custella’s task completion feature lets the manager see how much of a task is completed and how much more is left. With route optimization and geo-fencing, the field agent gets the optimum route with the minimum time consumed to get to a job, and the manager can witness it just through his phone.

Field service agent assigned by field service optimization software Custella doing repair work

The Changes that Transformed

By adopting a field service management tool, manager Kevin observed a dynamic change in his day-to-day management, and he’s never looked back since.

“My field service processes are now easier to manage. All I need is my mobile phone and everything that previously consumed so much time, I can now do in seconds. No more time wasted making calls, or filling up lengthy paperwork. Business is much smoother now.”

– Kevin Cheong Business Manager

With the adoption of technology and the right tools, field service processes become easier to handle. It is a business that requires constant attention from the manager and rapid answers. Technology and field service processes applications are the right way to go about such a business.

Besides, the less the paperwork, the more time there is to focus on more important aspects such as dealing with customers. After all, happy customers are the future of a business.

As a Field Service management tool, Custella’s field service processes can automate your daily tasks and optimize your workforce routine to appropriately deal with the situation.


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