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Fleet Planning Solutions For Business

Fleet manager using fleet management app Custella for fleet planning solutions.

Case Study 15

By The Custella Team

How Long Is This Going To Take? – Challenges In Fleet Planning

When taking into account mobile fleets, there are two key challenges when fleet planning that managers face. Managers struggle to account for both waiting and buffer times when scheduling their drivers for operations. The integration of a fleet management feature that hosts the ability to account for buffer and waiting times can increase workplace productivity by minimizing delays.

Businesses in the field service industry that are keen to enhance the operations of their mobile fleets would benefit greatly by utilizing a fleet planning tool that allows them to take into account the time they spend waiting. Whether that would be due to traffic or due to security checks, such occurrences tend to hamper business operations. Resulting in negative customer experience when drivers arrive late to appointments. This in turn impacts customer satisfaction and the reputability of the business as a whole.

The integration of the aforementioned feature would assist in fleet planning in these ways:

  1. By saving time in reducing downtime and idle time

  2. Saving money with better fuel management costs

  3. Providing better customer service.

Michael Carter, a Supply chain coordinator in a food and beverage company was pleased to enhance his operations, which positively impacted his customer satisfaction. Having previously been faced with the challenge of accurate scheduling and timeline forecasting which was impacting the efficiency of his operations, he was able to resolve these issues. As a result, he saw not only increased productivity from his fleet but also an increase in the profitability of his business with this fleet planning feature as he was able to reduce costs by saving time.

“One of the areas that our operations was being stifled and impacting customer satisfaction was on not being able to accurately account for delays. We were unable to deliver accurate ETAs and struggled to take into account factors that could have caused our drivers for example, to be late to a particular location. However, after using a fleet planning feature that allowed us to take into account buffer times, whether it would be due to traffic or a security check or simply the time it would take to walk from the parking to our clients doorstep. We were able to provide better customer service in informing our customers ahead of time on any delays that could possibly have inconvenienced them. As such, our customer satisfaction increased and we were also able to see general improvements in our overall operational efficiency.”

Michael Carter

Supply chain coordinator

Driver using fleet management app Custella for efficiency

In Summary

In assessing the operations of any mobile fleet business there remains a need to be addressed. This need is catered to by integrating a field service optimization tool with a fleet planning feature that allows for managers to schedule their drivers waiting times which can include but is not limited to when the depot or pick up point has not opened, or when drivers need to rest when driving to far locations – provided it is stipulated in company policy. In addition to reporting on time spent waiting, loading or unloading as well as buffer times. This works to enhance the operations but provide a greater level of service to their customers.

Anticipating the challenges that one can face and finding solutions for them is one key way that successful businesses stay ahead and gain a competitive advantage. Being able to take note of the many factors that could work to either halt or hinder business operations and setting up a tool in place or using a feature that works to if not combat, at least lessen the strain that such factors could have, would prove to be advantageous in the long run.

Custella, a mobile and web application hosts a fleet management feature that assists in fleet planning and assists companies by providing solutions to challenges they face out in the field. Hosting a range of other dynamic features that work to help businesses maximize their efficiency whilst saving both time and costs.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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