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From Paper To Smart Software: A Success Story

Delivery company going paperless and using a Transportation Information System at a meeting.

Case Study 16

By The Custella Team

With a dynamic business environment, it is inevitable that businesses have to adapt to the upcoming technologies like a transportation information system, and put them to good use to satisfy the end-user.

Manager facing lots of paperwork which could be avoided with a transportation information system.

How Things Became Easier

There was once upon a time when keeping records on paper was the norm. In fact, a lot of companies keep track of their cost, revenue, transportation, and so on via paper. Indeed, it can be daunting if a situation arises, for instance, where the business manager has to find particular information about a specific vehicle of their company. To make things easier, they may opt for excel sheets to input and save all their data.

Then comes the challenge of trying to manage reminders and real-time information e.g. to find the location of a vehicle or the current condition e.g. triggers of the next service as well as the expiry date of the driver's license. This is where a transportation Information system comes in. It is a software that can take care of your supply chain process and help you keep track of multiple vehicles, delivery plans, the status of deliveries, and a central repository of all important documents.

A manager of a distribution firm that recently switched from using paper and excel sheets to a smart software – Custella has said:

“Keeping track of all your deliveries can be quite challenging if you are not vigilant enough. A lot of businesses depend on us to give the quality service that we promise and if one of our recorded information is overlooked by us, it can cause a massive problem. Using this Transportation Information System has definitely helped us to keep track of our delivery in the most simple and efficient manner and make our customers satisfied.”

Kevin Young

Supply Chain Manager

Benefits Of A Smart Software

Three business professionals using a transportation management system on a desktop.

The aforementioned distributor has changed its game using a transportation information system. It enabled them to share data with the entire business team, get real-time data about its vehicles to make faster decisions, cater to the needs of the customers, cut down on cost through the smarter assignment of vehicles & drivers, and importantly reduced shipment delays.

In A Nutshell 

It is evident that customer expectations keep changing based on market offerings. To be able to thrive in the market, a business must be agile and effective. It must have the updated tools required to keep track of its internal functions whether it be through a transportation information system, management information system, or something else. This will certainly help you reach your goal to make your customers happy. Happy them, happy you.


Need a transportation information system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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