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FSM & CRM: A Match Made In Heaven for Your Business

Bridging the gap between a field service agent and the customer service representatives will create wonders for your business. Let’s see how.

Different field service management roles

As we dive deeper into the world of automation and technology that is intertwined with an increasing demand for services, we feel the necessity for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and FSM (Field Service Management) to work together. Why is that? Because a 360 Degree solution to your business that enhances the customer experience and grows your bottom line is something most businesses looking to scale up are opting for.

When we hear about an enterprise software suite, Field Service Management, and Customer Relationship Management are always there in the front line. According to the past track record, these two applications have to work in perfect harmony in order to give your business the optimum benefits.

There are now a wide array of reasons for you to integrate a field service management application with customer relationship management. For starters, they both collect and use the information of the customers. Connecting these two will increase your chances of meeting the customer needs and the expectations of services can be worked on whether customers interact with a CRM or an FSM agent. But is it possible to integrate these two? In short, Yes. Let’s see how that can be one.

Business people and client making a deal

Different by Functionality, United by a Goal – Customer Satisfaction

The idea is simple – serving the customers. However, they look at the different needs of customers. In the case of CRM, managing the customer experience is the top priority.

Customer management, job or service order management, asset & inventory management, task and assignment optimization, route optimization, task scheduling, real-time location mapping and reports. These are essential functions required to deliver a high level of visibility and interconnectedness on the field—and finally, deliver an effective and efficient service. Even if a CRM package has some of the basic FSM capabilities, it is not able to deliver all these functions single handedly.

Inventory management

The Amalgamated Value

Whether it is making cross-sells, up-sells, ensuring preventive maintenance, contract renewals, renewing replacement machinery parts, or simply going paperless with your business, integration of FSM and CRM can help the business owner, your planners, and your technicians boost up your business’ revenue and improve customer service by a noticeable margin.

When a sales representative gets their hands on a CRM, they get clear visibility on what kind of service was done on a particular customer’s machinery, they can take this information to further dig down on how frequently they require this service, how much cost is incurred and even make a forecast on their buying behavior. Based on the data-driven decisions, they can then present a sales pitch to their current and potential customers. Based on the necessity of the customers, the customer service representative can create a sales order linked to a job order for the field agents to mitigate the issues. When the FSM is connected to the CRM, a field service agent can get a better view of the customer’s requirements such as where their location is, the best possible route, type of work that needs to be done, and further input new information such as the tasks that they have completed, what kind of machinery parts are required to complete their services and make needful notes for the next technician in the shift for a specific task.

Team coming up with a plan to best suit customer's needs

A Single Source of Truth

It is always a good idea for service providers to know what their recent encounters with their customers entailed, how many transactions were made, the frequency of their service-related calls, their problems with certain services, special requests, and so forth. This will not only benefit the salespeople but also give the entire company a 360 view of the service outcome. However, not all integrations of FSM and CRM integrations are feasible for companies and tend to be complex and expensive particularly when utilizing legacy systems. This is why applications with Open APIs that can seamlessly transfer information between these two software applications tend to be preferred due to the cost and time effectiveness of implementing the solution.

Keeping the clients in mind, Custella has integrated to software such as Salesforce and Zendesk to create a seamless integration that allows the users to easily update and acquire information between the two applications. Moreover, it results in an enterprise ability boost. How your field representatives are performing, customer satisfaction levels, what the resolution time of the job orders are, and many other key performance indicators will be updated in real-time within the CRM dashboard once they are completed on Custella.

Business taking off with the help of a mobile workforce management app like Custella

Complete Visibility is a Necessity

Gone are the days when one software acts as a standalone solution with limited customizability. With a great need to stay connected to the field service engineers, the customer service agents have to be able to communicate with them on the go. It is bound to get rid of the bottlenecks that have been holding your business back and eliminate any sort of miscommunication within the in-house and field service employees.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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