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How Custella Can Help Fleet Managers Fulfill Their Role

Driver checking their truck due to notification from transportation management system Custella.

By Custella Team

Organizations that depend on vehicles to operate their business require expertise in fleet management. The idea of fleet management is to oversee the lifecycle of the vehicles while ensuring minimal risk, maximum efficiency, growing productivity, and abidance with legislation. It is very important for such companies to have extensive knowledge and resources in fleet operation because it enables them to get a competitive advantage over rival firms by meeting customer service expectations.

The Problem

Organizations often fail to achieve a competitive advantage due to a few factors:

  1. A manual process such as paper work in large organizations with an extensive customer base

  2. Limited visibility of Managers/Supervisors managing a large team

  3. Failing to identify the right driver (their shift and skill), right vehicle (availability and utilization), and the right time (proximity, route & travel time).

  4. Failing to factor road restriction and road bans for large vehicles

  5. Failing to factor customer requirements (loading bay opening hours & vehicle types)

  6. Miscommunication that hampers time management and ultimately affects relationships with customers

  7. Frontline workers not having enough back end support to cater to the needs of customers

A one-stop solution such as Custella – Fleet Planning can nip issues in the bud and make life easier for fleet managers and others alike.

Fleet manager doing fleet planning using transportation management system Custella.

Challenges and Solutions

There are five key challenges that fleet managers need to face and Custella can help them in each role – vehicle acquisition, fuel management, vehicle maintenance, health & safety, and compliance.

1) Vehicle Acquisition:

Fleet managers must abide by the laws while assessing the compatibility of the vehicles and negotiating with the manufacturers. Resell value, fuel consumption, insurance, and tax cost are all parts of a big picture that the manager needs to grasp. To make things easier for them, Custella can automate this process by letting the boundary spanners know which vehicles are needed. The managers can get real-time data on the vehicles that are chosen. Furthermore, dynamic reports can be made which will help the managers make clever business decisions.

2) Fuel Management:

One of the biggest challenges for a fleet manager is to maintain efficient fuel consumption. With Custella, managers can monitor the consumption of fuel and to create a cost chart.

3) Vehicle Maintenance:

As a fleet manager, one must make sure that the vehicles are free from all sorts of defects. Custella can give real-time data on the condition of the vehicle via the in-app fleet inspection updates so if any of the vehicles are damaged, managers can take immediate action and save time and money. In addition to that records and reminders with regards to the next servicing due dates for each vehicle can be managed via Custella.

4) Health and Safety:

One of the fundamental duties of fleet managers is to take responsibility for the driver’s well-being. Custella can provide managers with the driver’s exact location and the type of tasks that they are carrying out. Furthermore, Custella takes into consideration the need for rest after a number of hours of work, capture rest times as well as specify designated or approved rest locations.

5) Meeting Compliance Requirements:

With the dynamic vehicle legislation, it is of utmost importance to get data in real-time. This can help fleet managers to select vehicles and assign workers to get the task done. Moreover, all the data can be recorded via Custella for auditing.

Fleet operations are no easy task. However, Custella can make it easy for you using its state of the art interface and instant accessibility. You can easily manage all your information, track the progress of your work, and finally analyze the reports. Happy you, happy us.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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