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How Facility Management Software Can Increase Efficiency

Why you should get a facility management software for your business

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Who would have imagined in the late 1980s and early 1990s that the simple telephone would play such a significant role in so many facets of our daily lives, including capturing photos, playing games with players around the world, and, of course, making phone calls to any location you can think of.

This level of development cannot be compared to Facilities Management (FM) since it would be like comparing a Formula One Ferrari to a snail. The old managerial, operational, and service delivery methods have evolved relatively slowly and reactively, even though the technology presently integrated into new buildings is more advanced.

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is now possible to accomplish more in less time from almost anywhere. Almost everything we do involves using a linked mobile device, including connecting with loved ones, reading the news, managing the temperature in our homes, and many other things. These tools frequently give us the freedom to do our activities wherever we are while also making them simpler and more effective.

It should come as no surprise that the same technology is frequently utilized to improve productivity in the workplace. In fact, according to CBRE's 2018 Americas Occupier, 59% of corporate leaders expected to roll out mobile apps at some point in the next three years to enhance the work experience,

Unfortunately, technology is frequently out of date in the fields of facilities management and field services operations. Both inside the company and out in the field, technicians continue to use outdated legacy technologies that aren't cloud-connected and restrict their capacity to produce high-quality work.

This is where facility management software can help. It might be challenging for service providers that take care of these facilities' administration, installation, and repairs to handle all the calls that come in. In my last job at a facility maintenance organization, we had to do most of the work manually. It's simple to concentrate on a big installation and ignore the smaller tasks. It happened many times at our office. Sometimes the same field service employees had to go multiple times to the same place for recurring work orders. This manual system was hampering the productivity of our employees. Finally, our manager introduced us to facility management software that changed the way we worked. We used it for creating work orders, the dispatching and routing of a technician to the location, and the completion and billing of the service. Every type of job has a certain procedure, and this software has made it simpler.

Here's how facility management software can help your company to be more productive:

Saves time by location mapping: You can get a real-time view of the task locations of all agents in a team. Facility management software can organize tasks for you individually. To provide real-time location and route data, it combines HERE Maps and Google Maps. The daily schedules for field service agents are accessible with just one click. This feature allows the system to inform field agents of jobs and orders that are nearby to where they are currently located. You can do this to save a ton of time, money, and effort.

Assigning tasks: Keeping track of employees' competence areas might be a challenge. Using facility management software, you can assign tasks based on the skills and location of your field staff.

Inventories: By giving inventory reports and alerts when things are running low on stock, facility management software can assist you in managing your inventory by allowing you to purchase replacements in advance. It gives you the capacity to manage your assets by scanning product barcodes and maintaining an inventory of all the assets your company owns,

Automation: Contracts are a common thing in the facility maintenance sector, and this is one area where automation excels. Your customers will know you will manage their service when you get into a contract with them. They have faith that it will be carried out correctly, promptly, and without error. Automation guarantees the fulfillment of all those commitments.

Customer portal: Customers can receive real-time service provider status information. They can also use the software to place new orders and provide feedback on the service.

A connected system of facility management software can increase efficiency throughout your company while reducing costs. Your employees and representatives might even become more satisfied at work as a result.

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