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How Fleet Management Addresses Logistics Challenges

Logistics manager facing logistics challenges and requiring transport management system Custella

Case Study 13

By The Custella Team

Key Areas Of Difficulty

Logistics is an industry that is increasingly in need of advancements in technology whilst still remaining budget conscious. This business enterprise is fraught with many areas of concern. Companies that are responsible for the planning, implementation and control of a wide range of goods and services are in need of a software solution to remedy the challenges faced in the industry. Two of the primary areas of concern that are experienced by most logistics managers include but are not limited to:

  1. A lack of visibility

  2. Operational and managerial costs

Brad Goodman has been a logistics manager at a freight company and has been eager to find a fleet management solution to alleviate the challenges he faces on a day to day basis. The integration of a fleet management solution to address his business challenges would ensure a streamlined workflow and increase both the productivity and profitability of his business.

Initially, Goodman was hesitant on fleet management systems due to the integration with his already ongoing operations. However, after a close evaluation, he was able to see the systems ease of use. He was pleased to find that it not only managed to address his business challenges but work efficiently to optimize his business’s supply chain operations.

“I was hesitant because I believed that the fleet management system would take time to integrate and was unsure if the solution was befitting for our business model but was surprised to find that it was suitable and addressed many of our key business challenges”

Brad Goodman

Logistics manager

Two warehouse workers using logistics optimization software Custella

Fleet Management – A Befitting Solution

Enter fleet management as a solution that Goodman has been able to adopt in catering to the specific challenges faced in his business firstly the lack of visibility has been addressed with the implementation of a fleet management feature.

It has been able to keep him notified on the location and status of his freight with real-time tracking and updated live data on the whereabouts of the drivers and cargo as well as the company vehicles. In reducing operational and managerial costs a fleet management system has been able to assist in areas such as:

  1. Dispatch Management in assisting with operational efficiency through optimized route planning and selection while simultaneously providing a conveniently efficient communication channel between drivers and the manager

  2. Fuel and safety management in reducing any discrepancies. Additionally providing data on fuel usage and mileage costs, while safeguarding in asset accountability by providing data on vehicle maintenance and drivers work hours and leave days. This ensures the responsible utilization of company resources

With fleet management software integrated into his business model Goodman is able to see how efficiently his fleet is performing whilst his drivers conversely can keep their records up to date. In adopting fleet management to address his logistics challenges Goodman has been able to work in optimizing the overall cost of transportation while improving fleet utilization and simultaneously working on manpower management. As a result, the business has been able to facilitate greater productivity in his workforce and enjoy a larger gross profit as a result.

Goodman is adamant that fleet management software is the future in ensuring the logistics industry continues to thrive. He remains eager to see what the future technological advancements hold in assisting businesses like his to enhance their operations.

As a mobile and web application, Custella’s Field Service Management System with its integration of digitally advanced features that can cater to and revolutionalize the ways in which you run your business assisting you to deliver on the desired levels of service to your client base.


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