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How Private is your Communication? Research Shows, Not Much

Why you should not be using WhatsApp for official communications.

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Personal messaging tools like WhatsApp have been amazing for helping us feel and keep connected at a time when Covid-19 has limited our capacity to communicate with our loved ones. Today's mobile-first workforce boosts productivity and quality in businesses, and many people use a range of mobile apps to do it and WhatsApp is quite popular among them. Recently this article by Bloomberg caught my eye that US officials are looking into HSBC Holdings Plc's use of technologies like WhatsApp by bankers. WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication tools for business owners looking to avoid long-distance phone calls, faxing, and email time-wasting. Another reason is it’s easily accessible on the go, compared to more robust platforms like Slack.

Struggling with WhatsApp

We are all familiar with the feeling when we have to open an important document that we received on WhatsApp and that dreaded box pops up - “Storage full”. Nobody has time to clear up the storage right at that moment. Unnecessary information, photos, and videos have already clogged up the storage of your phone. Now you’re in this frustrating situation where you don’t want to but are forced to use WhatsApp for your official communication. Because you believe that WhatsApp should be used only for personal conversations, you now want to convince your employer to make the switch from WhatsApp. Here’s what you can show them:

  • Security issues: WhatsApp is at the bottom of the list when it comes to secure communications. The app is being hacked on a regular basis. It's crawling with scammers and prone to malware.

  • Unregulated third party: Even though the app's end-to-end encryption is well-known for its security, there have been numerous documented hacks and flaws. Links to thousands of WhatsApp chats were discovered to be available online, according to security researchers.

Increase in profit

  • Privacy breaches: Employees are exposing their organizations to major data breaches and security dangers if they use WhatsApp for business communication on their personal mobile devices.

  • Disjointed messaging: Managing corporate communication over WhatsApp is a nightmare due to various group chats, lack of user management, and unprofessional usernames like "Lucky boy 07." All this perplexity leads to workplace communication that is confusing and disjointed.

  • Data storage: The pile of photographs and documents that can soon load up your phone's storage is by far the most data-intensive aspect of WhatsApp.

Switch to a safer internal communication platform

  • This might make you wonder about what would be an effective way to manage the internal communication of your organization. Custella is here to offer you an efficient and worthwhile solution. Here are some features of Custella that will help you form a competent platform for your business communication:

  • It is a safe and secured application with plenty of features.

  • Your employees can message their managers in the office using the Custella mobile app and send across documents, photos, and customer’s digital signatures safely through in-app chat.

  • Data is stored securely in a private server that is unique to each organization. Unlike WhatsApp it doesn’t clog up the internal storage of your mobile.

  • The new GDPR restrictions have a bigger impact on internal communications than you would realize. Google, the internet tech giant, has already been fined 50 million Euros for failing to adequately notify its users about its data consent policy.

  • Integration into a biz ecosystem like an ERP and CRM keeps your and your customer’s data safe and compliant as well as a record of the past for future instances.

How you manage personal data is being scrutinized more than ever, and organizations found utilizing obsolete, non-compliant communication technologies like WhatsApp will face huge fines.

Successful FSM team

Save yourself and your team the hassle and use a safe, GDPR-compliant application like Custella to avoid a showdown with government regulators. Using a biz appropriate app like Custella can keep you from falling into the same pit that HSBC stumbled into.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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