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How Technology Can Help You Develop Your Field Service Management

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

It Always Seems Like a Distant Possibility Until it Actually Happens to Us

Two days ago we made a purchase online for an air conditioner from a very well-known company. Their brand name, and the fact that we had bought another air-conditioner from them for my brother’s bedroom a few months ago, made us make the purchase again for our parent’s bedroom. When we bought the first one, it was a fairly easy process. We made the purchase, and as promised, after two days they delivered and installed the air-conditioner on the same day. The entire process was very smooth.

However, the experience we had the second time was not quite the same. They delivered the air-conditioner, but the installation crew for some reason was reluctant to install it immediately because of the risks involved in installing an air conditioner in a high-rise building like ours. They were charging extra, which was not what we agreed on while making the purchase. It was evident that this was the result of the miscommunication between the field agents and the main company. The entire process left a bad taste, and while an air-conditioner is not something we buy very often, we will be a bit more doubtful before making a purchase from this company again. That made me think, could the company have avoided this situation with better communication?

Field Service Management

Field service management is the running of your various field activities such as service order management, planning of the right people to send, tracking of their activities, and finally reporting. For example, managing the work of the paper guy who delivers the newspaper to your customer’s doorstep every morning, or the plumber who goes to your customer’s house to fix their faulty water tap. However, the field service scene is rapidly altering and developing to consist of a range of industries. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic required the traditional office culture to transform radically, resulting in the extension of mobile teams worldwide.

It often comprises of procedures such as setting up work guidelines for an appointment, delivering packages, sending off the field agents to their necessary destination at the right time, collaborating with field agents to have them keep you posted, get authorizations, confirmations, communicate about any sudden modifications to the agenda, as well as communicating with the clientele, and gathering necessary data from the field such as tracking the duration of work done and spare parts utilized among others.

The supervision team constantly depends on an amalgamation of technology and physical work because of the numerous fragments of a successful field service workforce. As manual work is a lot less effective than technology, a business needs to work on field service optimization to ease the complications and inadequacies of manual work and simplify workforce tasks.

How does Custella help you?

If you want to manage your field service procedures for the current world of work, a field service management application that empowers your field representatives with the right gears to get the job done correctly while doing it quicker than ever before is a must for you. With field service management solutions like Custella, field service organizations all over the world are creating better, vibrant schedules, with faster, successful employee and customer interactions. It upsurges efficiency, competence, and business leaders can monitor the business data they need, whenever they want them, and wherever they are.

Field service agents have to visit multiple clients per day and ensure timely work and manage priority customers at the same time. How does Custella help with effectively maintaining this schedule?

Assignment Based on Skill Sets, Availability, Location, and Utilization

The most basic requirement of a field service provider is an equilibrium of the right amount of people, with the necessary expertise, exactly where they are needed at the correct time (our definition of field service optimization !). An efficient field service management software such as Custella will ensure that you make informed decisions, so there is always room for utilizing sufficient resources in place for diverse priority customers. Service delivery can then be predictable, clienteles can get a reliable experience, and operational expenditures can be cost-efficient.

Visibility of Real-Time Location of Field Reps to Proactively Intervene When Needed

Businesses can make improved decisions when they employ software solutions for collecting, tracking, and analyzing essential data such as the real-time location of their field reps. Having the real-time data also helps them proactively intervene to help the field agents reach their destination in due time.

Notification When Customers with SLAs Are About to be Breached, e.g. 30 Minutes Before Breaching Response/ Resolution Time

Warning notifications before breaches occur can help mitigate this problem to some degree. For example, if the deadline of the scheduled task is in 30 minutes, your agent will get a notification to take the necessary steps to speed things up.

Task Re-arrangement Based on Time or Distance and Task Management

Sometimes when an unforeseen delay occurs that makes it impossible for an assigned field rep to reach their destination on time, Custella’s notification to alert on potential delay will empower planners to proactively work on a backup plan by re-assigning the task to a different team member as soon as possible.

Make Smarter Decisions and Respond Better to Avoid Customer SLA Penalties.

When we say priority customers, we mean the customers who need your immediate attention. All customers are valuable to a business, but there are different types of customers with different needs. For example, there could be three packages for your product or service; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Needless to say, the Platinum customers are the priority customers here because they expect the best service which they signed up for.

However, in a scenario where your field rep is on their way to attend to a Silver customer, a Platinum customer needs attention as well, Custella will provide alerts and insights to your planners and field agents to address the Platinum customer first because they are the customers with SLAs to penalty impact, and then the Silver customer, as in the lesser impacted customer or one with a longer response/resolution time window. As mentioned previously also, Custella will enable you to identify and provide backup options where other appropriate field reps will take care of the Silver customers. That way, the necessary modifications to the schedule will be made, so the customers with SLAs or penalty impact will be attended to first, and either reassign another team member or return to the lesser impacted customer upon the completion of the priority work.

The Path to Improved Field Service is Here for You

The fact that makes the field service management arena complex is that there are so many decisions and variables that need to be managed simultaneously. On top of that, when unpredictable components are added to this already demanding task, it gets further complicated particularly with lack of visibility. It is often quite impossible to predict the unforeseen every single day.

This is why an agile and resourceful field service management such as Custella will help your business become more efficient in this arena. And when you deliver a smooth and impressive customer experience, you will increase customer satisfaction, which will lead to customer success and thus your business growth. Leverage Custella towards a seamless customer experience in the field service!

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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