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Keeping Up with the Expectations of Your New, Modern Customers

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

Why Businesses are Struggling to Keep Up with Customer Expectations

Delivering a superior, end-to-end customer experience has never been more important in this era of connected customer relationship management. The future of the success of your business now relies on providing superior customer service, which starts the moment a customer places an order. They are now expecting a personalized and connected service everywhere. In today’s connected world, only online contact and engagement are simply not enough, on-site support must be connected as well.

We need to face the reality of today’s fast-paced world. It is now easier than ever for customers to switch between competitors if they are not satisfied with the service experience of one company. Especially when it comes to field service management if several businesses are not equipped to keep up with the changing customer expectations. Field service in particular is facing exclusive challenges evolving its model to match the needs and expectations of the modern customer as technology continues to improve how businesses are interacting with their customers.

How can your business revolutionize the way it manages customer and field service for an end-to-end experience? What would it look like if your business was able to deliver a personalized, smarter, and faster service the moment a customer places an order for your product, that would change the entire customer experience? Moreover, what if this exceptional service level agreement (SLA) could be delivered every time by your field service agents?

The Importance of Customer Relationship Management

Suppose your company, Sabre (company name changed for confidentiality reasons), sells printers online. There are a few steps to complete when a customer makes a purchase online, such as confirming the purchase, figuring out what kind of package the customer signed up for such as silver, gold, platinum support, etc, delivering the printer, followed by its proper installation, helping the customer with any queries regarding the new printer, and finally, receive confirmation from the customer that the job has been done.

Completing each step with proper coordination with all the team members involved is where this whole process gets tricky. Selling one printer sounds easy, but imagine selling multiple printers, all at once, in different locations, and assigning the agents with the right tools and skillset who are most fitted for the job in all locations, all the while keeping the customer updated with the process. How do you make sure that this is done efficiently and effectively, every time?

How Custella Helps with Sales and SLA

Staying up-to-date and coordinated about each sale is the key, and Custella can ensure that every step is done efficiently until the job is well done. How does Custella do that?

  • Your Field Sales team will be able to update through Custella on their planned and completed customer site visits.

  • Once a sale is done, all information regarding the customer such as payment history, packages, quantity among others will be updated - - either by leveraging Custella’s Sales Order module or it can flow in from your existing CRM systems through our Open APIs

  • The sale will be turned into a job order and be tagged to a relevant SLA package

  • The field agents can then check for nearby customers in a certain radius from their current or future location to plan some of their ad-hoc customer courtesy visits

  • They will be able to get an overall insight on the customer by pulling up relevant information on them such as last order done, status of work completed, and payments due for collection (if any).

  • In the meantime, your service and maintenance team will be able to keep up to their commitments and timelines with visibility on the response and resolution time targets to be kept for each customer or product.

  • The end-to-end customer touchpoint engagement on Custella continues then with the assignment of work to the right field rep/ technician and having them complete their tasks with photos and notes among others.

Re-imagine Sales with A Connected Field Service Management System

To sum it up as simply as possible, exceeding customer expectations means having an intimate understanding and coordination of who does what, when, for whom, and how. Custella will help your business with the many sales and job orders that need to be done by various field reps across a variety of locations. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is a collaboration of numerous parties. While it depends on many factors, finally you will be measured on the quality of the service you provide every single day. That is exactly why you need Custella, to make sure that the sales to the service experience you provide is top-notch, every single time.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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