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Logistics Software: 5 Highly Effective Considerations

Manager streamlining logistics operation

Logistics software is now an essential aspect of any business. Why is this the case?

Businesses around the world are experiencing immense pressure to keep up with the shifting economy and dynamic consumer demands. This requires them to streamline costs and methods. For logistics partners, this can be a grueling task to keep a balance between being efficient with its asset management, expenses, and better delivery performance.

Now, imagine yourself as a fleet manager who has to call the shots and make sure that not only do your deliveries need to be fulfilled on time, all functions of delivery also need to be utilized at their maximum potential. Stressful? Absolutely. Can you make it easier for yourself and your team? Most definitely. There are a few points that you must keep into consideration when making important decisions.

It All Starts With A Plan

Planning is usually the first step in the success of most actions. A calculated plan is one that illustrates a roadmap for us to walk and accomplish over a course of time. For a logistics company, it is like most other businesses important to paint a clear picture before executing them infield. If your business focuses on increasing its efficiencies and effectiveness of delivering products to its customers, what you need is an effective logistics software that can manage your fleet planning.

Logistics software can enable you to gather data from the track records of your transportations – idle time, resting time, waiting time, and driving times among others. Custella enables the capturing and reporting of such information with its friendly user interface and what better – – in real-time. Using this information to plan your usage can drastically decrease the expense you incur and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Customers Are At Peace Knowing The ETA

Customer using logistics software to find out the ETA

The ultimate goal of any business is to serve its customers most efficiently. To do that, customers must feel that their lives are easier because of your business. Being a fleet manager, you know that your clients will expect deliveries to arrive on time as they wait for their end products or raw materials to arrive from your delivery team – – regardless whether it is to run their business smoothly or it is a product they have been waiting to get their hands on.

Before shipping a product from point A to point B, you should have a roughly accurate idea of how much time and resources it may take for the entire process to happen. This can save you cost and garner the trust of customers. But more importantly, it can help your clients to make orders at the right time because they will easily be able to know the estimated time of arrival and in this day & time of safety concerns – – the identity and photo of the driver too.

You Can Assign Fewer Vehicles For Multiple Jobs

With smart logistics software, you will not have to assign multiple vehicles on the road to get the job done. The smart assignment functionality of this logistics software lets users analyze the fastest route to the destination and considers the opening hours window of the pick-up and drop off locations. If one vehicle can stop by two different locations using the same route, why use two? This multi pick-up and delivery process can surely cut cost on fuel consumption, fleet cost as well as possibly driver cost and allow for your vehicles to potentially cover more deliveries in a day covering multiple areas thus making your service more robust than ever.

Don’t Forget About Utilizing Your Human Resources To The Fullest

With so many drivers to assign for deliveries and pickups, you, as a manager, should make the best use of them. And what better way is there than to automate the scheduling process? Custella, for one, can keep tabs on all the schedules of your driver shifts. Such data can surely help you assign the right vehicle at the right time. With such logistics software now available, managing fleet planning has never been easier.

Route Planning And Optimization May Be The Missing Link In Your Plan

From the aforementioned points about route planning, it is evident that selecting the shortest and efficient route can help you cut costs and save a lot of time. These factors greatly affect your overall plan for fleet management. You would want more outreach with your vehicles in the shortest period to ensure the highest possible coverage. Planning the routes can help you plan the types of vehicles that you may need and also the drivers who will be assigned for the task. In other words, it is all interconnected!

In A Nutshell

Your execution will unlikely be up to the mark if you do not manage your fleet planning with the help of the right logistics software that factors in many variables. You are here to make your customers happy and experience sustainable business development, we here to make your aspirations come true.


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