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Making a Difference in Field Service Management

How Field Service Management software is a change-maker in the industry

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During the pandemic when we all were at home, we started noticing things differently. It was a big break from the monotonous robotic life. On a hot summer day, I realized that the AC in my room needed servicing. So usually I would call the service provider and they would book an appointment, send an employee to check the issue, and then book another appointment to fix it. It was a lengthy process, also I was concerned about contacting people during covid. I couldn’t fix up my mind and ended up calling my regular service provider and found out that they have started using a field service management software that comes with an app where I could put all the information regarding the service and then they would send someone and the service would be contactless. I didn’t even have to pay them in cash, everything could be done from the customer portal. I loved the experience of using a customer portal of this kind of software, it was absolutely worth every penny! The COVID-19 epidemic radically transformed how we live, work, and interact with those around us.

In the field services industry, there are nearly 20 million employees working worldwide, yet only half of them use any software, and others think their present solutions are too slow. Is there a method to manage your field service employees so that your company gains from higher productivity and sales? Field service management software is the solution. The accessibility of field service management software for small to large enterprises has significantly improved over the past few years.

If you work in the field services industry, you probably already understand how much organizing and planning are required. Every aspect of providing goods or services to your consumers is covered by field service management. This can involve overseeing the maintenance of machinery installed at client sites. Alternatively, it can require overseeing additional procedures related to field employees serving your clients. Field service companies previously used paper-based coordination techniques. When spreadsheets were used, field service management became a little bit simpler. But as technology has developed, the software is now easily accessible to further improve the experience. Here’s how field service management software will make a difference in your business:

Scheduling Made Simple: The automatic scheduling program eliminates all the time-consuming and dangerous inferences involved in human scheduling procedures. Automated scheduling solutions automatically create effective schedules while taking into account all of your business constraints and objectives. By matching the right person to the right job based on skill sets, certifications, geography, availability, and other factors, field service management software like Custella offers the best route management.

Customer portal: A key "good-to-have" component for managing a mobile workforce is the customer portal. Custella provides this so that clients may place new orders directly and that their service provider can cross-sell and upsell to customers on the platform while providing real-time progress updates and order/delivery details.

Optimization: Optimizing deliveries and installations can boost productivity and efficiency in the commercial and residential sectors. Imagine having a field force system that enables you to clearly, securely, and precisely receive a substantial volume of data over a cloud platform. This information could come from your field management system, geotagging, a list of objectives, customer data, etc. All of this data is available in real-time in field service management software like Custella, providing you with total visibility into the present.

Inventory Management: Virtual warehouses can be created and maintained using inventory management. Additionally, it is possible to regulate the transfer of inventories and handover documents. When checking in or checking out assets, you can scan the RFID. As a result, you can have real-time inventory information, which is beneficial for business and makes the duties of other departments much simpler.

Custella has become popular with field service providers because it has all the necessary features they need. You need field service management software to keep your business competitive. It assists you in simplifying your operations so that you can maintain excellent customer service while reducing expenses and increasing revenue. This also enables your company to deal with the constantly shifting circumstances you face every day. You just don't have time for inefficiency with the variable cost of petrol, supply chain problems, and labor shortages. With the use of field service management software, you can more effectively schedule, dispatch, and manage every stage of your clients, projects, and revenue.

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