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Field Service Management: Managing Remote Teams With Custella

Emergency services such as ambulance workers being managed by field service optimization app Custella

By The Custella Team

The coronavirus closure of 2020 is probably the most thought-provoking interruption to normal life in current history. With many corporations facing lockdowns that are forcing many businesses to have remote teams due to the threat of COVID-19, it has become clear: remote work is here to stay. Is your company ready?

As customers progressively opt for digital channels to conduct their business, larger companies have digitized their internal channels of communication. But there are some corporations across the world that are reluctant to permit staff to work from home, even though cloud platforms have made remote work easier. Now, because the pandemic has forced corporations into an open-ended experiment, is company culture going to change?

The present crisis is forcing several corporations to rethink their assumptions and try out a brand new company culture, despite fiddling worries among several bosses. Employers may ponder whether teams have reached their targets when not being in constant contact with the workplace, whereas employees will need to understand if they could now work as it suits them or if they are needed around the clock.

Whether you’re employed remotely all the time or you’ve been thrust into it recently, field service management is becoming more important than ever, so here’s a number of ways in which a tool like Custella can facilitate you:

Your Remote Culture At Work Ought to Be Tailored To Your Team’s Distinctive Requirements.

Field Work is fraught with challenges all across the board. From collaboration to accessing data and work transparency, the challenges remain regardless of the work and location. As a result of the nature of remote work, establishing a sense of connectedness among employees is integral for remote teams to feel a sense of community by turning their homes or vehicles into a mobile office.

This can be fostered through the planning process, but further encouraged through the various collaborative features in Custella e.g. notifications, alerts, in-app messaging, and real-time reporting among others. Photos and videos can be used as a communicative tool in field service management where these two mediums may prove challenging to incorporate. Field teams can use messaging and the request assistance feature to communicate and update managers, colleagues, and most importantly customers to assist in establishing a relationship.

Remote workers on a video call

They Need the Right Tools outside the Office

In order to assist in a more streamlined workflow where managers are better suited in being able to stay updated about work done in the field, it aids to equip remote teams with tools that can assist them in their operations (and managers at large too). One such way is by having employees use a tool that is automated rather than traditional methods which are often fraught with the potential for errors to be made.

Using a field service management application that allows the remote teams to provide updates by just the click of a button will drastically improve the efficiency of operations and allow the management to stay informed. Organizations more often than not heaped with tonnes of information which easily leads to miscommunication and laborious, time-consuming, manual data re-entry, as well as a score of other problems.

Automation, Automation, & Automation

You can be prepared for emergencies and urgent orders, with the ability to trigger your service and sales team when necessary, and automate reports at the completion of a task. These reports can provide better insights that can support the workforce and your customer base with recommendations that will suit them best.

Dig a little deeper with advanced analytics to provide clearer, more concise information to your workforce about the customers they serve. Thanks to digital solutions, you don’t have to worry about your remote teams, and with stringent cybersecurity measures in place, you also don’t have to worry about the safety of this data. Your decision-making process is improved, and your organization stays intact, working like a fine-tuned machine despite being spread out geographically.

All in all, broaden the digital field service horizons of your business by fostering communication between teams and members, provide seamless connectivity within the organization as well as focus on the needs of the remote teams by creating the best experience for them where they can feel a part of the organization at large.

As digital tools are changing the ways in which work is conducted. What was initially a more remote workplace due to the isolation, has now transitioned to a more interactive collaborative workplace owing to the frequent communication fostered by digital tools.

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