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Maybe You Are Underutilizing Your Vehicles

Underutilized delivery vehicles that would benefit from a fleet management software

Services That People Want

A virus that has crept into the lives of everyone has changed the landscape of the business world in a matter of months. A lot of businesses have gone through liquidation and many more are currently suffering. However, as the revolutionary scientist Albert Einstein once said “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity", some businesses seem to be attracting a lot more customers than they were before. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive spike in the demand for delivery services - be it food, groceries, luxuries, equipment, and so forth.

With an urgency for social distancing, humans must live their everyday lives while making sure that they are not the cause of the spread of coronavirus. As a result, many delivery companies are facing record-breaking demand for their services - to the point where they have to resort to acquiring new vehicles. But is that the only way? What if they had the alternative to boost the efficiency of their current vehicles to complete the deliveries instead of resorting to new ones?

Delivery company facing excessive orders due to COVID-19

The Big Companies Aren’t Having It Easy

According to Jalopnik, FedEx and UPS are both facing an excessive amount of orders - to the point where they are buying used vans to keep up with the demands. But is there a way for them to do it differently? Maybe they would have ended up buying new vans anyway despite the alternatives but they could have probably avoided the purchase of used ones. Using a transportation management software can be their one-stop solution for logistics-related issues.

Expert Opinion

Being a leading player like FedEx or UPS has its own perks as they have the capital to invest in new vehicles. However, imagine being an owner of a delivery company that is receiving a high amount of orders but purchasing new vehicles is not an option. What do you do? A smart transport management software can come to your aid as much as it will, if not more, to the big delivery giants. For a clearer understanding of how it can help logistics companies of all sizes, we interviewed the founder of a delivery startup who has years of experience working for one of the key players in the industry:

“After working in the delivery sector for so long, I can tell you that the demand for delivery service will keep on rising in the future. But that also means that we would have to keep a close eye on our vehicles. We have to ask ourselves whether we are being efficient with our vehicles or not. Using a transport management software like Custella has helped our start-up gain momentum. Unlike the previous company that I used to work for, the current one is basically in the introductory stage - we have to use our resources as efficiently as possible. This particular software allows us to keep track of vehicle usage. For example, we get to optimize our routes with the help of ETA calculation, assign multi-pickup and delivery, easily do capacity planning, and of course, get real-time updates of our fleet and status updated from our drivers in the field. All this makes transportation management very easy.”

Good News for You

Having a software that enables you to ease the transportation management process will not only help you utilize all your vehicles efficiently but it will also help you keep them in a good condition. What this key-personnel opined are benefits that their company has been enjoying thanks to the transport management and optimization software. But let us dive into how it can benefit your company.

  1. ETA Calculation: An accurate information of the estimated time of arrival for your vehicle will give you the necessary knowledge about which routes your vehicles will take while knowing the road conditions, traffic data, and the capacity of your delivery vehicle for the optimal use.

  2. Multi-pickup and delivery: Optimizing a route to enable one delivery vehicle for multiple pickup and deliveries by factoring in multiple pickup points and stops will empower you to make the best use of the vehicle, abolishing the need to assign multiple vehicles in those destinations.

  3. Waiting time and drive time: One of the best ways to plan your delivery operations is to get clear visibility of your driver’s waiting time (e.g. waiting for clearance to enter or opening hours) and drive time. That is to say, the company will know how long a driver takes to go to a particular destination and how long they have to wait there. With the right information at your disposal, crafting a befitting strategy will be easier than ever.

  4. Capacity planning: The system will keep track of your vehicle’s capacity which can allow you to upload just the right amount of goods in the truck to make the best use of your delivery transports.

  5. Visibility of time: Real-time updates on your vehicles will allow you to know when your vehicles are reaching a destination and how long it is taking the vehicle to complete a journey. Planners will find it easier to strategize for the best possible way to cater to your target group.

Delivery man using a transportation management app like Custella

The Value They Deserve

Even during a spike in demand for delivery services, your company does not necessarily have to start spending on new vehicles but utilize your remaining ones to their fullest. This will ensure that you do not add on unnecessary cost to your business whilst increasing sales as your customers become satisfied in the long run. Be it a small firm or a big one, a smart software can do wonders in more ways than you may expect. The pandemic has not been easy on anyone, but it has surely created opportunities for you and others to provide value to the people that need it the most in times like this.


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