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Mobile Workforce Management to the Rescue

Tools used by a mobile workforce

Case Study 2

By The Custella Team

The Issues that Mobile Workforce Management Can Solve

Here’s a company that manufactures an extensive range of tools, machinery, accessories, and consumables in the UK with over 17,000 product lines and a multitude of brands, sold in stores and via online channels. Its bespoke task management system, developed by its internal IT team, met the company’s needs initially. However, the tool did have its shortcomings, such as:

  1. overwhelmed by customer inquiries

  2. lack of transparency when addressing customer’s issues

  3. omnichannel communications spread across SMS, web chat, social media, and e-commerce platforms

Employee using task management system Custella

Unifying communications under one roof with Mobile Workforce Management

Nathan Terry, Customer Service Manager, understood the need for a software platform that would help the company provide exceptional support to its customers and stand out from the competition. He opted for a Mobile Workforce Management tool due to its seamless integrations with the various channels through which they provide support, and better manage incoming inquires in real-time.

“With a mobile workforce management solution it was easier to identify high priority cases and assist dissatisfied customers rapidly before the situation got blown out of proportion. We didn’t just improve the efficiency of our operations… we made our services more convenient for customers as well.”

Nathan Terry

Customer Service Manager

Business’s Bird’s-Eye-View

With Mobile Workforce Management, Nathan can now easily organize and manage customer’s portfolio and past purchases, while responding field agents are better prepped to assist them customer at their location. With Job/Task tracking, transparency is now possible, with records of Integration and syncing of communications, especially between field agents and their managers. Hence, Mobile Workforce Management has allowed the company to:

  1. Reduce Service Time by 40%

  2. Enhance communications into a single universal 360-degree view, reducing miscommunications

  3. Improve Transparency of Jobs/Tasks from inception to completion

Nathan is pleased with the results and predicts that with the current pace of progress, expansion to a larger geographical area is possible.

As a mobile and web application, Custella’s Mobile Workforce Management platform gives users a panoramic view of operations, from customers to field agents, allowing for efficient service responses.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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