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Field Service Optimization: Need For Operational Visibility? Try This

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Reasons to Keep Track of Your Staff

When running a business, it is imperative that you keep track of all your transactions and events to analyze various circumstances that signify any sort of threat or inefficiency in real-time. This is called, in other words, operational visibility. This includes tracking your staff members to knowing what actions they are taking at what time. Why do we stress on this you ask? A lot of businesses, from our experience, experience a lack of control within their organization. They are unable to keep track of their staff which would be beneficial for them in many ways.

For instance, knowing where your field service agents are can allow you to assign them with tasks that will be quicker for them to complete. Perhaps one of your clients prefer a particular service agent - keeping track of your staff would allow you to set tasks for him or her accordingly. This will result in better customer satisfaction and garner sales for your business. However, manually keeping track of your staff can be a grueling task that requires a lot of work and time - it is inefficient. 

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This Company Had to Transform

One such company that has the coverage of 21 points with 100 workforce nationwide faced such issues regarding operational visibility. For such a large company, it is evident that they require a lot of vigilance to ensure a seamless process within their services. But with so many workers at their disposal, they were in dire need to keep track of them all. We contacted one of its business development personnel to know how they finally found the solution to their issues:

“We are a big company that operates nationwide with a large number of workforce. These employees are bench and project technicians who are multi-skilled. Our capabilities include multi partner management, SLA driven, multi-products, and so forth. We make sure to design, build, configure, maintain, train, and a lot more. So the context is quite clear that we have a lot to handle. And handling them manually through spreadsheets and texting does not cut it. We realized it as soon as our expansion began."
"At one point though, it felt like there was no escape for us but to find the solution to keep track of our staff. Even if they are well equipped to carry on their tasks, there were shortcomings from the top management in terms of the delegation of tasks due to so many mismanagements due to manual work. Our clients' demands keep arising and changing and we have to adapt to them to give the best service possible. So we finally shifted to a field service system to ensure proper operational visibility.”

The Benefits of Operational Visibility

Operational visibility is especially important for large corporations because of the fact that they have to be connected with their staff at all times. Whether it is to assign them to a new task or know their specific location during an assignment, simply communicating through messaging apps can make the field service agents feel overwhelmed with so many texts at the same time. The entire workflow needs to be organized and it can be done through a field service system. By implementing such a system, it will enable you to do the following:

  1. Know your field service agent’s whereabouts: When you get real-time data from the software regarding your staff’s location, it will enable you to make faster decisions and assign them with the right tasks. Furthermore, you will be able to tell whether they are actually at the designated location using the state of the art technology.

  2. Push notification to staff - If there is a change of plan, the company will simply inform the field service agents about it and a notification will inform them about the task which will be assigned to them through the system. It will be easy to backtrack for any information needed from the past.

This was indeed a game-changer for this service provider as they further stated:

“Our company has seen changes in a short period of time and it is all thanks to the the field service system that we chose to go for. Keeping track of our staff members have never been easier and this has enabled us to make efficient and effective decisions. I would highly recommend other companies to start shifting towards such smart softwares if they are facing what we did.”

Business meeting regarding field service team

Why Not Give It A Go?

When handling a large number of clients and employees, things can become quite difficult without having software that will give you all the updates in real-time. A field service software like Custella may just be the keystone to successful operational visibility.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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