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New Normal Comes with New Challenges - Are you prepared?

Owner of a large business is preparing for the post-COVID rush.

Customer support agent using technology to work

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people have become more concerned about effective ventilation systems. According to Covid-19 preparedness plan by the US government, improved ventilation systems can reduce the aerosol spread of the virus. Building managers and company owners are encouraged to improve ventilation and air filtering as part of their post-COVID preparedness strategy.

Big industry, bigger problems

Imagine, you have a business in Malaysia that deals with large-scale HVAC system installation and maintenance, you are more likely to get hundreds of calls every day. As the world starts to go back to pre-2019 conditions, most shopping malls, hospitals, and recreational centers have started opening again. It can be challenging to manage 150-200 staff with all the new orders coming in along with your existing customers. You are struggling but managing it somehow. On top of that, you have recently acquired the contract for installation of the HVAC system in a new wing of a hospital and you start feeling overwhelmed with the sudden surge of workload.

Share the workload

Digital solutions can manage your large mobile workforce seamlessly in real time. Instead of trying to do everything manually, Custella can ease the burden off your shoulders by making your business run efficiently and effectively through the following features:

  • Task management (Job assignment): It can be arduous to keep track of 200 employees and their areas of expertise. Through Custella, you can assign tasks to your staff according to their skills, expertise, and location.

Increase in profit

  • Notifications and alerts: Custella will send you notifications when your employees check in/check out, log overtime, collect payment, or any other possible clerical activities you used to worry about. Merely thinking about it has probably already made your life easier!

  • Dynamic skills (smart optimizers): This feature considers which staff are best suited for different jobs, as different tasks can require different skill sets. Custella can help you identify which employee is the best fit for the task based on their skill and experience levels.

  • Inventory and Asset Management: With such large volumes of equipment circulating, you must be losing sleep over your inventory. Custella can help you with inventory management by providing inventory reports, as well as alerts when items are running low on stock, so that you can order replacements beforehand. You can also create virtual warehouses and manage them through this software. Custella allows you to manage your assets by scanning the product codes and tracking all the assets of your company. And this brings us to the next feature!

  • RFID: Custella has RFID or barcodes which is a convenient way for you to maintain a stock of your goods and to execute quick and efficient itemizing. It also offers visibility over products which in turn helps combat fraud.

Managing a large workforce can be brutal even with plenty of resources. With software like Custella, you can organize and manage your workforce resourcefully and effortlessly.

Successful FSM team

The best part of the platform is that it will reduce your costs and help your business thrive all at once. Let’s go back to when you were overthinking about your sudden workload. Now you can share the load with digital workforce management and boost profits optimizing resources.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in the ASEAN region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, etc. ) or Australia/Oceania, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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