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Optimize Your Field Force - 6 Reasons Why

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

The Mess

You are the customer experience manager of a POS systems company and you just completed your customer response report analysis from last month. All is well until a customer success officer informs you that one of the customers is unhappy for not getting their systems package activated despite paying for it. You investigate the issue and find out that a configuration was supposed to be made using a specific web application framework but was not completed in due time. Meanwhile, you face your enraged CEO only to grow your frustration about the miscommunication that has taken place. You find out that the field service agent did not communicate the right information to the customer nor escalate the issue to the responsible person for the creation of the web app. You remember a similar issue arising a few weeks back where the service agent was not equipped with the right knowledge and how customers have to be patient for a particular period before they get their required product delivered to them. What is worse is the fact that you are not aligned with such miscommunication before everything turns ugly.

Such scenarios are not uncommon and can happen when your field service agents are not communicated with the updated information about your service protocols. It is only at that moment when you can provide a hassle-free customer experience when you know what your customers want. The most accurate way of acquiring such insights is by optimizing Field service management.

Warehouse manager wishing they had Custella for virtual inventory management

Organizing Field Services

Field service management is a key differentiator for many companies that are approaching their target customers when attempting to differentiate and demonstrate the unique selling proposition (USP) of their services or products. Whether you are part of the telco, fintech, health care, agro, home care, or any other industry, the intersection point for them all is that a lot of services take place in the services cape and sufficient data is needed for this.

To keep a sustainable ecosystem of service, your organization needs to maintain different types of field service agents. For instance, you have the retention team, repair and maintenance agents, customer support team, and so forth. The downside to this is that the teams do not always stay in sync. Field service management needs to have a single source of truth that creates a seamless process to effectively organize the total field service and provide a top-quality customer experience.

Covid-19’s effect on information sharing

Information sharing has become more important than ever due to the pandemic plaguing the field service industry. First of all, it is much more complex to physically visit your customers now more than ever, and secondly, work from home has become the new normal for many field service agents and many alike. Employees are not attending physical offices often and this makes it imperative for agents to be able to access relevant information to keep the business process flowing seamlessly. While physical distance has increased, the digital connection has increased as well.

Here are a few reasons for you to create an efficient system to enhance your Field Service Management:

  1. Agile field force: Imagine a field force system that enables you to receive a magnanimous amount of data in a crisp, safe, and precise method through a cloud platform - data from your field management system, geotagging, objective list, customer info, and so on. All this information can be found in real-time so that you can have clear visibility in real-time. Are any of your customers facing difficulty? Give instant solutions by assigning the right field agent to serve their needs.

  2. Quality service: Any sort of miscommunication or hiccups are being taken over by concrete customer experience. Each employee is aligned with the work processes to understand the current needs of your customers and react proactively rather than fire fighting. The consistency in customer experience will create loyal customers in the long run and will garner more sales.

  3. Easy solution: Strategizing is much easier with a Field service management tool. At a power plant, for example, it is a must to not only have a strict schedule for your workers with clear instructions of work, but also provide them with materials that are accessible to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time. With seamless automated integration of service processes, work becomes easy and reduces error.

  4. Employee support: It is not always possible for your field technicians to support one another by physically being there. So what can be done? A field service software like Custella can let your agents get access to all the SOPs and SLAs to aid your technicians with the right course of action if they are stuck at any level of the service. All this can be done through the application and such communication can be easily referenced by a particular customer for a specific case on the relevant date. This removes ambiguity on the nature of discussion/ basis for a decision on a repair or maintenance done.

  5. Less paperwork: Gone are the days where your employees have to fill up papers to update their work status. Now, work data can be uploaded and updated on the spot from the device of your field agent avoiding loss or delay in communication of information. This will also enable other processes e.g. billing of the customer upon work completion as there is no need to wait for the physical document to be sent back to the office.

  6. Smooth communication: A single source of truth means each of your business units can access all of the relevant information through one software. Such a system stops any misunderstanding from taking place and enhances the entire work culture by a mile


Got further questions?

Custella is here to optimize your field service and answer and run you through any queries that you may have.

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