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Power up Your After-Sales Service

Ways to improve your after-sales service strategies

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A few months back I went to a mall and bought a few things from a shop. The salespeople were very cooperative. After coming back I found a thank you note in my shopping bag which was lovely. What surprised me the most was that they sent me an email after a month if I needed a refill for my products and offered me some discounts as well. I was happy with my experience and I referred my friends to them. I’ll prefer to shop in that particular shop before shopping anywhere else as I loved their after-sales service. This is an example of our daily life and a wonderful sales strategy.

The time shortly following a sale is known as "the honeymoon phase," and both parties are typically quite excited during this time. The client has just met a need or found a solution, and your business has closed a contract. But now is also a fragile period. Your attitude throughout this phase will determine how well you will get along with the customer moving forward.

Gaining a sale from a new customer is one aspect of growing your revenue, but it's not everything. You must encourage repeat business from clients if you want to grow your firm. According to the Harvard Business Review, selling to a new client might cost five to twenty-five times more than selling to a current client. By selling more to current customers and obtaining referral business from existing customers, a strong sales follow-up approach is a smart method to increase your revenue.

Providing excellent customer service is one method to do this. Gartner research showed that customers who experienced high-quality customer service interactions were 82% more likely to make a repeat purchase or renew their subscription when given the option to transfer to a rival.

Additionally, these clients were more inclined to recommend their services to others and more likely to increase their spending on future purchases. You must concentrate on providing better post-purchase support if you want recurring business and for those clients to show their devotion by recommending you to others.

Here are some ways that will help you manage your after-sales service:

Customer portal: Customers are the roots that consistently support and inspire us as a company grows. It is crucial to make sure they are at ease and satisfied with the service. A smart place to start is with Custella's Field Service Management customer portal functionality. It is crucial to keep it basic and user-friendly so that anyone may use it. You can encourage your clients to choose the recurring option for them to save time and gain continued advantages. Customers can access real-time information regarding the service provider's status. They can also use the app to place fresh orders and comment on the service.

Inventory management: Your facilities and equipment need to be precisely and efficiently maintained, regardless of your industry or field of work. Knowing where the equipment also enables you to verify that it has been delivered to the correct location and has not been lost or stolen. Similar to how customers track parts, technicians may track parts for inventory management or their portion of the job. A field service management software like Custella enables you to create virtual warehouses to keep track of your inventories and equipment.

Work Order management: Whatever your industry or field of activity, your facilities and equipment must be maintained accurately and effectively. due to the substantial financial impact that poor maintenance and unexpected repairs may have on both smaller enterprises and larger corporations. It might be challenging to keep track of employees' areas of competence. You can assign jobs using a field service management system like Custella depending on the qualifications and location of your field personnel.

Preventive Care: Before a problem arises, planning and scheduling equipment maintenance is essential to a successful maintenance approach. Keeping track of previous equipment servicing and inspections is another important component of an effective preventative maintenance program. Many businesses use work order management software to organize their necessary preventive maintenance chores due to the difficulty of maintaining a preventive maintenance schedule for the equipment. The entire process benefits from the inclusion of real-time evidence collecting, maintenance task monitoring, and reporting software like Custella. For any facility management software, features like task tracking, integration, and inventory management are a necessity.

It's common for businesses to start with a focus on attracting new clients, but sustained success depends on the many advantages that devoted, content clients offer. The benefits of investing in a successful after-sales service strategy are infinite, including customer loyalty, great referrals, and a positive brand image.

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