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Why field management software is important for the construction industry

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According to recent research from Marsh, Guy Carpenter, and Oxford Economics, the worldwide construction industry has shown remarkable resiliency throughout the coronavirus pandemic and now appears to be positioned to serve as a "Global engine for economic growth and recovery from COVID-19." With a growth of 4.4% on average between 2020 and 2025, the construction industry will be a significant economic driver, outpacing forecasted growth in the manufacturing and service sectors. The increase in building output is anticipated to average about 3.5% each year from 2020 through 2030.

A friend of mine who works as a senior executive at a renowned construction company shared how they used to struggle for data integration between field service and back office. “We didn’t have enough information about the work on the construction sites. We had to visit the sites now and then and update the data for back-office operations.” But things have changed for them after they invested in up-to-date technologies like field service management software. Now that the COVID-19 outbreak has faded, operational efficiency is receiving more attention. One of the best investments a construction company can implement is in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Especially when combined with field service software. Any company that provides field service is familiar with the difficulties that arise from overseeing a large staff of technicians who perform numerous tasks each day. Tools that support businesses in making efficient use of staff time and resources, sharing information required to get jobs done quickly and keep customers informed, and processing payments and reports on the back end are essential to maintaining the satisfaction of back-office staff, field technicians, and customers.

Field service management software is used by businesses to manage field activities. For example, managing work orders, dispatching, and scheduling, client interactions, billing and invoicing, and other aspects of field service management are all included in this category of software's features and modules. The goal is to give the technician users a clear image of the work that needs to be done in the field and the resources available to finish jobs. This, in turn, makes it simpler for service managers to convey where the company's employees and resources should be at any given time, ensuring that the appropriate individuals have access to the proper resources at the appropriate times to complete the task at hand. It helps keep end-clients and customers updated, which frequently results in higher customer satisfaction. Field service management software and construction ERP systems should connect for more reasons than just data collection and transmission. Integrations improve links between pieces of software that have been specifically created for each other. Here’s how adding field service software to your construction business will help run your operations more smoothly:

Optimization: Enhance delivery and installations in the commercial and residential sectors to improve utilization, productivity, and efficiency. Imagine a field force system that enables you to receive a sizable amount of data over a cloud platform in a clear, safe, and precise manner. This data might be from your field management system, geotagging, an objective list, customer information, etc. In a field service management software like Custella, you can find all this information in real-time, giving you complete visibility into the present.

Liquidity of data: Data liquidity is a requirement for integrations to be successful. This is the notion that as soon as data is available in either system, it is prepared for use. When using manual processes, like printed papers or even PDF documents, the information on those sheets must first be processed by a person and manually entered into the system before it can be used. A software solution cannot utilize the data if that doesn't happen. In Custella, you may see all your company's data, including its assets and inventories, delivery schedule, and employee profiles, in one location. It offers several incredible features that guarantee the free flow of data throughout the business, such as order and delivery management, real-time location mapping, and customer portal.

Task management: It could be challenging to keep track of employees' capabilities. You can assign tasks to your employees depending on their training, experience, and location through Custella.

Asset management: Through inventory management, virtual warehouses may be built and managed. Also, the transfer of inventories and handover forms can be controlled. You can scan the RFID during check-in or check out of assets. As a result, you can have real-time inventory information, which is good for business and makes other departments' jobs much easier.

Beyond the short-term effects on construction demand during an economic downturn, the crisis is anticipated to affect long-term supply and demand, leading to long-lasting changes in investment patterns. It is high time to improvise the field service management in your construction business through up-to-date technology for a smooth operation of the business.

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