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Preventative Maintenance and Asset Management Challenges in the Retail Business

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

Preventative Maintenance Can Help Improve the Life Cycle of Assets

Enrique Retailers (fictitious) is a retail company that has machines at more than a hundred stores in Malaysia. Field Service Management and Preventive maintenance was critical for them to ensure that their retail stores were able to support their customers as breaking down meant longer customer queues or loss of customers to competition located nearby. Preventative maintenance helped them run their operations smoothly.

More and more people are being vaccinated and the lockdowns are over almost everywhere. With that, the retail industry is also returning to the old normal. However, the retail industry had quite a difficult time as the physical shops were closed, as not every retail shop had the opportunity to deliver products online. Enrique Retailers were one of them. They had to make sure they were reducing costs as much as possible, especially the costs that come with the maintenance of their equipment.

Enrique Retailers reduced their cost with proper maintenance management of their assets, focusing on preventative maintenance. Maintenance management helps run operations smoothly. Assets, pieces of equipment, machinery can break down at a moment’s notice if they are not taken care of on a regular basis, and this can put a damper on the operations and the customer’s experience in the retail store. Technology is evolving rapidly. But they can be expensive both in terms of buying brand new and replacing when they break down. Luckily, these assets can be used for a long time with proper field service management and maintenance. Scheduled maintenance, field service optimization, replacing spare parts, and fixing any minor problems before they can cause any permanent damage.

With Custella’s help, Enrique Retailers were able to make informed decisions. Replacing equipment, systems, and machinery after they malfunction can cost a lot of money. Custella on the other hand helped the retailers prepare beforehand. Custella helped them identify which pieces of equipment tend to break down the most, which ones are performing smoothly, the ones that require immediate attention, and so on. All of these helped them allocate resources properly and have replacements at hand ready to use, which as a result helped them reduce their maintenance cost.

Maintenance technicians who work in the retail industry like Enrique have to work with a variety of equipment. They are also bound by certain industry-specific boundaries. Which essentially means they need to be highly flexible and versatile. Retail business operations include a wide range of equipment that has to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Starting from refrigeration, ovens to even shopping carts and cash registers, there are hundreds of machines to maintain. The number will be much higher if we include the equipment in the warehouses and distribution centers. The field and maintenance technicians operate behind the scenes in Enrique, they play an extremely crucial role in this scenario. Even a touch screen order kiosks with malfunctioning lights can put a bad impression of the retail store in the customer’s mind. Then there could be problems with the computer or scanners during checkout.

Maintenance technicians have to be versatile in the retail industry. The technicians have to be able to take care of broken equipment such as kiosks, lights, air conditioners, computers, etc as soon as possible. The variety of these machinery means technicians need to have multiple skills and knowledge, or technicians with specific expertise need to be ready for anything that might go wrong with the machines. Ensuring preventative maintenance for the assets and equipment reduces unplanned downtime and ensures that the operations are running smoothly without any disruptions, which also helps in reducing the maintenance costs in the process.

In this post-pandemic era, retailers like Enrique must work towards reducing costs as much as they can, and this is something that can be done very easily with the help of Custella Field Service Optimization.

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