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Preventive Maintenance and Field Service: Are You Doing It The Right Way?

Two warehouse workers using Custella for virtual, paperless inventory management

The Importance of Sales Promises are Often Overlooked, and Your Business pays the Ultimate Price

From the customer perspective, keeping up with the sales promises such as warranties or preventative maintenance often gets a bad reputation, and it is no secret why. The horror stories related to field service and SLA when it comes to maintenance are ubiquitous. But what businesses often do not realize is that by failing to keep their promises, your business gets a bad name as well.

If you sell the type of products that require SLA such as routine maintenance, think about the last time you sold a product. Maybe it was a water purifier or an air-con. To paint a clear picture, let us go with the air-con. Now, one of two things could have happened:

You sold an air-con to a customer, properly installed it, did the required maintenance check every few months. The customer is happy, and they continue their service with you.

Or, after selling and installing the air-con, several maintenance sessions were missed, and now you have an angry customer with a malfunctioning air-con in the middle of summer. Not cool, quite literally. Your customers are unlikely to come to you until something is broken and when it is they aren't going to be happy or patient. So why not be proactive or preventive about it.

It is extremely important to keep track of all your customers and provide them with the service they need regularly. That is what will keep them happy with your product and services. But how do you do it efficiently, so the second scenario can be avoided? That is where Custella comes in.

Be There for Your Customers, with the Right Tools, at the Right Time

One of the best ways to avoid these scenarios is to rely on a strong, efficient mobile workforce management that will provide your field agents with coordination, precise scheduling, and preparation for any possibilities that can arise. In instances like this, where field service is needed on a regulated basis for maintenance, or the life cycle of a product, customers will expect your business to do the heavy lifting with automated service reminders, offering up appointment slots, and contacting the customers z exactly how they prefer to get the job done.

When your business can deliver the type of customer service that taps into the preferences of each customer, it will result in a boost in customer satisfaction and retention numbers. In turn, you’ll see a huge boost in your profits as well as a result of tighter field operations management.

Strengthen Your Preventative Maintenance Service with Custella

  • Once a sale is complete, Custella will record it and the preventative maintenance schedule will be planned accordingly.

  • With the right customer insights, your field agents will always stay up to date about the maintenance schedule of customers and get notified accordingly.

  • They will be able to check the package the customers signed up for, such as silver, gold, platinum since the premium customers are entitled to and expect a faster resolution time.

  • The right technician for the job will be assigned, and upon finishing the task, the next maintenance schedule will be created automatically which avoids oversight or manual creation of future scheduled visits

Your field service agents are most closely associated with providing an effortless experience for your customers, but providing the best customer experience is not an easy task. They take care of a huge number of cases from several customers, so they require tools that will help them manage the job orders as efficiently as possible for optimized mobile workforce management.

In short, Custella will help your field agents better understand your customer’s needs, address any issues before they occur, so the relationship between you and your customer can be more meaningful and lasting.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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